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    Orlando non-resort courses

    We Played Providence Golf Club on Sunday and it is in beautiful condition save for a couple of wet spots, around $45 depending on the time of day. If the rain gets over with I agree Celebration is a great but somewhat odd layout to me and they are proud of it price wise.
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    Trying to Break 80 Club

    Stinking double on my last hole today caused me to vlow a sub 80 round and the worst part is I hit a good drive that missed the fairway by maybe 2-3 yards and we never found the ball in foot deep rough. I was angry and blew the chance to save bogie.
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    What's for Dinner?

    Grilling some ribeyes, also got some fresh Cobia the wife is going to cook with lemon and capers. Argentina Red shrimp cocktail and all the fixings. The kids are coming over so we cook pretty big
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    Better ball striking today 41/40 with a double due to losing a ball in the high rough just off the fairway. The wedges were better today, just need more time to adjust to the shafts. I am not convinced he needed to hard step these at all, but when I hit them well it is very good but I am testing...
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    I really wanted to wait for the proto FW's since well its says proto and I like the sound of it. But the guy that has fitted me for the irons and now these woods has earned my trust and I don't think he would tell me that if he knew different. He has learned I am quite crazy and once I am on a...
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    I always struggle off hard fairways with any iron, mine are adjusted 2* strong and 2 upright so the bounce is reduced a bit. I think it is more getting used to the new shafts more than any club or bounce issue. I am not a range rat and the 1st swing with these was a 7 iron to a pin lasered at...
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    I was fit into a Proto Driver and Gen 2 fairway woods last week, the fitter told me the proto fw's are loved by the woman on tour but not liked much by the men. Apparently they spin too much or something like that. He was not convinced they would come to market yet that is why I bought the Gen...
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    The 1st round was interesting and the MMT 80 Stiff hard stepped are pretty darn stout. Put up a quick 42 /42 and had the usual mix of good and bad, the good were very good and close to a club longer than the Honma TR20 P (same lofts basically) the misses were very forgiving and it seemed I was...
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

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    The 60 and over Thread

    61, I carry a 7 wood for trouble shots and longer Par 3's it is just a fun club to hit.
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    BBQ and Outdoor Cooking Thread

    I agree the process of getting the BGE fired up and the cooking is half the fun and a excuse for a cold beverage of some sort. Doing long cooks is just so easy set the temp and just add some water to the drip pan when needed. The local Meat market gets Waygu Brisket that I have been eyeing for a...
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    New PXG 0211 Iron Set

    FEDEX showed up at 7 pm so I did not open the box till this morning and the lengths are spot on and checking the SW on my cheap scale they are spot on there also. I don't have a loft / lie machine so no way to check that. If I can get the wife moving this morning and drop off the car I will try...
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    What is your favorite Firearm?

    Nighthawk Talon 1911 .45 custom
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    Post a picture of your day

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    Do You Remember All of Your Shots From the Round?

    Nope, once the peg goes in the ground the last hole is gone. Might be a age thing, there is no more room so any new stuff to be saved kicks out some older stuff. But oddly I can remember words to songs and artists from the 70's.

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