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    Your Club Choice?

    That's 7i distance for me, however, I'd hit a smooth 6i there.
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    This graph sums up golf pretty well!

    I spent far too much time in the yellow when I was younger, now I spend much more time in dark blue.
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    CONTEST Enter To Win: Dream Foursomes with True Temper and Callaway Golf

    When this event was announced I had three people in mind, and figured I'd have to draw-straws to pick two. Of course I've met all three but now I have to pick just one of them, and one other. This will take some thought.
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    Pimp My Push Cart

    Clicgear, I just added the XL cup holder and the umbrella extension. The XL cub holder is perfect for my 32oz Hydro Flask Tumbler!
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    Gas vs Electric Carts

    If I was to build a cart for a beach community it would definitely be gas. For a golf course I have to go with electric, lithium batteries of course.
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    Whiskey Thread

    Is Eagle Rare hard to find in certain parts of the country?
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    Looking for a personal golf cart - suggestions

    I'm in the ICON camp too... Recently visited our friends in AZ, they live in a golf community where everyone has cart(s). Saw the ICON for the first time on our last trip recently and was impressed! We were there over a week and saw dozens of new ICONS, seemed like it was the only new cart...
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    DeChambeau and Cobra

    Bryson is a bright individual. It's my belief that his 'sucks' comment was emotionally driven (obviously) because of youth and immaturity; I'm old so I can say that. I'm guessing he apologized to Cobra prior to apologizing to through the media. I'm also guessing he's realized the driver head...
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    Buying clubs off auction sites

    I've bought and sold golf 'stuff' on ebay for several years without issue. I have a bundle of stuff I'm ready to list now though I'll probably list everything here first.
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    Jeep Wrangler Owners...

    I watched a short video of a new Wagoneer this morning, all interior. I didn't see 12 screens but the dash was a moving fireplace all the way across. It looked impressive!
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    Scotty Cameron Champions Choice Putter Preview

    Impressive! I like the Newport BB II.
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    Interesting Concept for Private Courses

    The members of the private club I use to be a member of would lose their minds if the courses were open to the public.
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    Does your work provide coffee?

    I'm a IT contractor working for the government. It's rare that a government contracting company provides coffee and most of us work onsite as opposed to company facilities. However, my last contract company stocks a two kitchen with three kinds of Starbucks coffee, multiple tea offerings, ice...

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