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    SM8 Vs. Jaws

    I have the MD5 Jaws in 48*, 54*, and 58* all with the S Grind. I upgraded from the MD4 and find that they have a much better feel and the spin is excellent in all conditions, especially when the grass is wet. I also like the fact that the customer service I've gotten from Callaway is top...
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    can you really tell the difference between the balls you play

    Not to offend anyone, but I think better players can distinguish between the quality of golf balls a little better than less skilled players. I would not consider myself one of those skilled players, but I do seem to distinguish between the quality of golf balls. I find that the higher...
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    Honma TW-X Irons

    Playing the XP-1's, which are slightly larger, but they are the real deal. Launch higher and further than my CF19's. Also spin more so easier to hold the greens on approach. Very forgiving on mishits and when hit in the sweet spot they are magical.
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    Honma XP-1 Irons

    I played the Callaway CF19's for about the last year or more while experimenting with some other clubs at Golf Galaxy. After reading a number of reviews about the quality of the Honma's and having some difficulties with my CF19 regarding consistency, I decided to order a set from Carl's...
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    2020 Chrome Soft vs V1 vs TP5

    Mr. slow swing speed here and I recently switched from the Z Star to the CS 2020. Initially, I did not like the feel of the CS 2020, but the more I've played it, the better I like it. Driver distance is probably a little longer and much more consistent (could be my swing) than with the Z Star...
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    2020 Bridgestone Tour B Golf Balls

    Played the RX for the last 5 rounds and really enjoy the feel, but it just coming up shorter than I'm used to. Today, I was getting more and more concerned about distance and after 12 holes, I checked my bag and found a well used Srixon Z Star. I decided to play the last 6 holes with the Z...
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    Can I find more distance with new irons

    I don't know if this will help with your decision, but I played the i500's for about 6 months and just found them inconsistent. When I hit the sweet spot they were good, but that just didn't seem to happen often enough. Of course, that could have been me. I, like you, worked in the gym all...
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    How is COVID-19 affecting your golf game?

    Played 18 holes the other day and one of the unique things the course that I played at did was to insert a swim noodle into all the holes. The noodle had the flag inserted in the middle of it with only about an inch and a half of space between the top of the hold and the noodle inserted in the...
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    How is COVID-19 affecting your golf game?

    If the weather would cooperate, I'd be golfing.
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    How is COVID-19 affecting your golf game?

    First day of Spring and while the weather is pretty fair, rain has come our way. But next week looks better. 50's and 60's so unless the courses aren't open, we're going golfing. Maybe more than once next week if the rain stays away. Still wish they'd come up with a way to bypass the club...
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    How is COVID-19 affecting your golf game?

    Wishing the best for you GoldenBluff.
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    How is COVID-19 affecting your golf game?

    I've played 4 rounds this season so far but that was during a warm weather streak and the courses were open. So far, none of the courses have indicated that they won't open given good weather. Golf may be the only thing that gets me through this forced sabbatical.
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    How is COVID-19 affecting your golf game?

    I had a gold trip planned with a couple of golf buddies to the Ozarks, but we've decided to postpone it to the fall. We are anxiously awaiting better weather so we can get out and play golf. No plans to reduce our playing time and, in fact, we are planning on playing more because there's not...
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    2020 Bridgestone Tour B Golf Balls

    I played my first 18 at Shoreline in Omaha last Sunday. Actually, the course is in Council Bluffs, IA, but it's down by the Omaha airport (Eppley), so we consider it an Omaha course. Weather was 70 degrees but with steady winds of 15-20 and gusts were probably 25-30. Not a particularly good...
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    Callaway MAVRIK Irons

    Anyone compared the Mavrik standard irons with the Mavrik Max irons?

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