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    Common Core

    Just spitballing, but maybe if the "correct answer" isn't the lesson? :confused2:
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    NCAA men's bball champ

    What do you mean? ESPN did this already... :p
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    The Beer Thread

    Like this one...and Todd the Axe Man. Surly Xtra citra is a golf goto because it's crisp and low ABV.
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    The Beer Thread

    There's a place nearby that occasionally has a keg of the 120 minute on tap and they put the word out ahead of time. It's packed there well before the keg is tapped and once they do it pours continuously until gone.
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    The Beer Thread

    That's a seriously nice find, my friend...
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    Breakfast Food For Dinner

    Same as many others, 2-3 times a month. My son loves it. Pancakes, bacon and/or sausage, eggs and toast are the staples with other items occasionally.
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    First Look: TPT Red Range Shafts

    So, they're filament wound? Edit: Read a little about the "continuous fiber" process. Sounds like it uses "tapes" of different thickness and width. Not sure exactly how it exactly translates to manufacture of these shafts but it would be interesting to know more.
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    Best place to live, 2020 edition

    Northern WI in summer and fall is where I'd like to be as well. Leaning toward AZ for wintering at this point but i could be persuaded otherwise.
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    The Beer Thread

    Not beer, but seriously delicious.
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    private school vs public school (catholic)

    Yes, but in the small town where I grew up racial slurs were commonplace and so were slurs against homosexuals. Now many of those people (including me) know, love and appreciate people of other races and homosexuals and see them live their lives lovingly, as much or more so than many white...
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    private school vs public school (catholic)

    Yes, yes, yes...I believe it is about attention and flexibility. Not necessarily faith, although I was raised and confirmed Catholic, married a beautiful Lutheran girl and we are still members of a local Lutheran church. That said, the principal of our public school is a fantastic advocate for...
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    private school vs public school (catholic)

    Sir, you somewhat cherry picked a couple things from my post to get offended by. For one thing, the 1st definition of indoctrinate you posted yourself above is the one I feel most are referencing when they use the word. 2nd, I said that one of the top traits of a critical thinker is to...
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    Would you eat this?

    Why not? Best case scenario is it's damn good. Worst case, you pull off the cheese and eat them separately. No downside that I can see.
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    private school vs public school (catholic)

    I am torn myself. I used to be a staunch defender of public schools, but my recent experience with my youngest son has me rethinking. It's not so much what some people would have a problem with ("indoctrination" etc.), but more an inflexibility of policy (zero tolerance can mean zero common...

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