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    A thread for SoCal golfers.

    Tee Time has been filled
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    A thread for SoCal golfers.

    Anyone available for a 1020 tee time at Simi Hills Golf course. 5031 Alamo Street, Simi Valley, Ca 93063 PM via THP for details and confirmation. Friendly, no Pressure golf on President's day.
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    AutoFLex Shaft

    Well good afternoon gentlemen. I feel like I am starting to come back from the dead.:cool: Short story. Covid December 3 weeks. Post Covid Syndrome January and February 6 weeks. Now finally back to golf. My swing speed is significantly slower. Sub 100 even in the 80's. No surprise after...
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    Driver Vs. Ball

    And The Golfer
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    Sik Putters

    Any comparison between the Evnroll and Sik putter faces to see if either is actually any better? Head to Head versus just plane Steel A. K. A. Scotty Cameron?
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    "Jacked" Lofts in 2020

    Since the US Open Champ is not Stopping until he Hits the green on a par 5 at Augusta National, will the tech make the distance debate obsolete or impossible to ignore?
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    Where setup produced your best results? What could make you buy the new Rad Speed? New Shaft? New Weights Or just new Club period?
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    Sik Armlock Putter LA Golf Shaft

    Very easy to roll. Nice balanced head. Great craftsmanship. Handicap may finally improve...
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    Something About You

    I personally pursued a life of service to humanity as a individual and physician. healing and saving lives was my mission and has been the best part of my job.
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    Senior swing - Eric Cogorno

    Just prepare for the hook or Draw ball flight after the flip at the extension. Right to left ball flight

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