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    CONTEST Win TWELVE Dozen Bridgestone Golf Balls

    Twelve (12!) dozen balls is huge. I could play, at least 80-90 holes with that many balls 😒😆
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    Why Are You NOT Scheduling Lessons

    Depending on where/when I play, 1 lesson=4-5 rounds. I’d rather play 4-5 rounds.
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    I wonder if I'm just supposed to be using super improvement player irons?

    Since you’re asking about irons tell us more about your approach shot misses: Was your miss consistent? E.g. 90% were short and right. Were you making solid contact or was your contact inconsistent? An iron like you describe can certainly help but it won’t cure swing flaws. If you’re hitting a...
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    Question for the group: if one chooses a longer OL set, say the 38” in question, could one simply trim a bit off the ends if they aren’t happy with their consistency? Putting swing weight issues aside, theoretically the only thing that should happen is the max distance for each club would come...
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    One Length Irons Thread: Join the Revolution

    Won’t you need a set of clubs in each house? 🤔
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    Woodworking / Furniture Building

    If you’ve got a card scraper you can use that to remove the residual glue. Make sure you get it all by testing with mineral spirits to see if it colors evenly. Once you have that done sand everything again lightly with the highest grit you used. The beauty of painting is you can use filler for...
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    Woodworking DIY Putter question

    I have not made one but I spent some time talking with a maker at the last golf show I attended. He gave me some insights into how he built his heads. I was going to give one a shot but it’s one of those things I never got around to.
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    Woodworking / Furniture Building

    Is that a six inch run to your cyclone?
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    EXPERIENCE 2021 Grandaddy of Em All with Callaway Golf

    I am fully wiling and able to take a beat down from Finley. I’ll even use iron covers to take some extra abuse.
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    The Car Shopping Thread

    The 4.9L inline six was standard fare all they way up through the 96 model year, IIRC. Still wish I had mine and always have an eye out for one in good shape.
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    Contest: Ask Jamie Sadlowski and Win

    Seriously, how hard is golf?
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    how should you change your shot distance when in the rough?

    A lot of it depends on your lie. The 40% rule makes sense if it’s nestled down, or the grass is laying in a way that will tangle the club. But if the ball is sitting up in a “flyer” you may need to take a bit off since it can come out clean but with less spin.
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    The Lawn Mower Thread

    Do you have the ballast box for your FEL also?
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    The Lawn Mower Thread

    I meant to say with some kind of liquid ballast - rimguard, antifreeze, or calcium solution?

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