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  • If I come down to vist GSU, I will def. try and get together with you. GSU would be a pretty cool place to try and play on the golf squad as well. Furman and Wofford are the other 2 I'm sending videos to to try and get some sort of scholarship.
    Played baseball in HS, unfortunately, USC's baseball team is comprised of the best players in the nation haha.
    No problem. I play golf for the Club Team, I didn't realize I probably had a shot on the college team, so I took a brief hiatus last year, but after seeing their scores, I'm putting in some effort this year, talked to the head coach, and I'll probably walk on next year. The year off was great for me though, renewed passion, better swing, and my mental game is vastly improved. I can't wait to go do some damage this year.
    Checked out your swing in the Ask a Pro section. Looks like your only problem is your wrists are bent a little inward at the top, hence the fade. You still have a solid inside-out swing with a nice follow through. Only thing I would change is the takeaway gets cocked a little early, and then just try and keep that wrist straight up top. It's my biggest flaw as well.
    Put your club list in a spoiler. It might be too big. Copy and paste your current sig so you have it saved, and see if you can't put just the sig in there. If that works, add on until it doesn't. It worked when I tried to put it in place of my Fowler sig.

    no i didnt do anything special, just after trying for a couple hours i gave up then tried again a couple days later and it worked perfect, not sure why though
    I am so ready!!! I figure we will be sharing in this experience, and probably bouncing things back and forth, so to me, that's a friend. Glad you accepted, and I look forward to getting to know you better.
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