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  • what about this lol?

    Welcome to the Morgan Cup! Gonna be an epic journey. Prepare for the best golf experience of your life! Can't wait to meet you and tee it up in MB.
    Rickie won last week in America, so you should change the avatar to that victory speech.
    So I'm going against you during the get together. Should be fun. Also, I see that you're considering a bunch of schools such as Samford, Furman, etc. Don't go to any of those SoCon schools, when you could come to Georgia Southern! We couldn't be friends if you went to a rival school.
    Yeah, who knows really. If I can't make it here, but some other head coach likes me, maybe I'll transfer or something, but I'm not giving up the weather haha.
    It's more my school and sport, but I do play club down there. If I play well, I think I'll have a really good shot at the team. I was looking at northern schools after HS, but decided I'd rather go South and be happy. I started playing again after I learned our actual team kind of sucks haha.
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