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    Checking in from KCMO.. finally!

    We will have to get together!
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    Checking in from KCMO.. finally!

    What’s going on everyone?! I joined THP at the end of March, but finally getting some time to really surf around and check the site out. I live in the KCMO area and enjoy any and all time out on the course or driving range, basically anything involved with hitting golf balls! If you’re in the...
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    The Quick Six: Cobalt Golf

    I‘ve been super impressed with mine. I‘ll admit (at first) I was hesitant to buy due to the price point. After biting the bullet, I’ve been more than pleased. Their customer service is top notch and truly their for the customer. You CAN NOT overlook their lifetime warranty, that is transferable...
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    Knocking down spin on approach

    Bridgestone tour b X
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    Knocking down spin on approach

    I’d like to get more rollout, when needed. Stopping the ball isn’t a issue for me.
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    Knocking down spin on approach

    What’s going on everyone? So, I have an issue with being able to knock off spin/allowing ball to release on almost all wedge shots. Green side chip all the way to 100 yard shots. I know I’m already steep on swing plane and can flatten that out.. but the big issue is letting a ball roll...
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    Your Opening Tee Shot

    For me, I use the first tee shot (entire hole) to find and set a groove. I keep it simple and easy, try to just swing easy and get it in the fairway. Smooth/even tempo swing and let it rip. Now the 2nd/3rd hole.. that’s a whole different animal! Lol
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    CONTEST The Golf Ball: 2021 Grandaddy of em All with Callaway Golf

    I love high launch/low spin off of driver! But I need the green side check ups. My problem is taking spin off on those shorter shots I want to roll out..😅
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    CONTEST The Golf Ball: 2021 Grandaddy of em All with Callaway Golf

    I originally picked the Chrome Soft X LS, due to being a higher spin player with my irons. However, the selector tool provided this option and I did hit them pretty dang good! I’ve had my eye on the LS ball and will be giving them a shot. Best of luck to everyone who has entered!
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    Branson, Mo Golf Trip 3/28 - 3/31 (1 Spot Open)

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet a whole new group of fellow golf lovers and be introduced to a new forum! Big Cedar Lodge is a special place and already planning on going back in the next month or two! @mtbloco @KY Golfer @Wildcat4life @KCSmitty @AzBirdgang
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    Signup Now for the 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Going to be my first shot at a contest, looking forward to the opportunity!
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    Cobalt Q6 Laser Rangefinder Review

    I have the Cobalt Q6 slope and love it! The case, IMO, is fantastic. Even with my Bushnell, I only use the bungee to enclose it and I’m not worried about needing a zipper. It’s been insanely accurate (less than .5 yard) and the fact the distance stays up in the display and you can switch...
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    Branson, Mo Golf Trip 3/28 - 3/31 (1 Spot Open)

    The tie breaking 19th hole was intimidating, but a blast to play!

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