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    A thread for SoCal golfers.

    I put in, we’ll see what happens, not gonna hold my breath tho.
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    A thread for SoCal golfers.

    I got fit at Club Champion. I like what I got fit into, but it is not cheap. I swear every time someone asks for an instructor recommendation in SD I’m with a different instructor so I probably shouldn’t answer that part haha.
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    When was your first fitting?

    I've been playing 15 years or so, had my first fitting about a month ago.
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    CONTEST The Golf Ball: 2021 Grandaddy of em All with Callaway Golf

    I usually play chrome soft truvis, so that was my pick. The tool chose chrome soft for me too, woohoo!
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    The Masters 2021 Contest and Thread Sponsored by Bridgestone Golf

    I'll go with Rory McIlroy and Tour B RXS, thanks!
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    A thread for SoCal golfers.

    I'd be game on a weekday.
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    Contest: Pick the Winner of the 2020 Morgan Cup Sponsored by Cobra PUMA Golf

    Team Hackers Speedzone RH Stiff Flex Thanks for the contest!
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    Do You Remember All of Your Shots From the Round?

    Not at all, usually I can't even remember what I did a few holes ago. It can be frustrating, I have similar issues with courses, I hardly remember them unless I've played them multiple times.
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    WTB Cobra driver shaft -Reg flex

    Looks like they're both 44"
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    Kevin Kisner Tweet
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    Kevin Kisner Tweet

    I'm not sure what point he was even trying to make.
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    WTB Cobra driver shaft -Reg flex

    I have a couple you might be interested in, both Aldila. The 2nd one does have some scrapes but has a cobra connect grip. They're just taking up space so I'd take $25 or something #1 #2
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    Found this on the course the other day, thought some of you might appreciate it.
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    Do You Watch the LPGA?

    I watch it fairly often, sometimes I'll watch it over the PGA depending on the tournaments/who is leading.

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