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    The 2021 Morgan Cup with Cobra PUMA Golf: Want To Be A Tour Player

    I would love to be part of such a great team event like this, can only hope.
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    New England Members

    Other than left side #1, no snow, and it was really nice out there today. No wind really, had a great round with 2 birdies and last one on 18 to close it out. Awesome day.
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    New England Members

    And we’re off lol!
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    I wonder if I'm just supposed to be using super improvement player irons?

    Sounds like you're doing a lot work with lessons, practicing, and more. Post your swing video here, let guys take a look.
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    New England Members

    I have 730 tomorrow with a fivesome, course is closed except for us, friends birthday and greenskeeper letting just us out. 😀 2 1/2 hours?
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    I hit indoors today the Cobra Radspeed XB 10.5 today w Fuji Motore X F3 S 60 and it was sweet. Man, I love this look and results of this driver. It’s stunning. No help at all from the guys working in this store, he went to find me a LH Epic MAX LS and never returned. 😬 I can’t wait until I get...
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    New England Members

    Friends of mine played 11 holes today in Hope Valley RI, season it’s getting close for us😀
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    2021 weight loss and nutrition thread

    Anybody else try Hemp Hearts? Damn things are good, 0 net carbs and good protein and fats. I sprinkle 3 tbsp. a day in salads, tuna/chicken salads, scrambled eggs etc. No I don’t get high. 😀
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    I too hope I end up with the Cobra Radspeed XB on my CC fitting when I go. Such great value and guys are killing it.
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    Cobra RADSPEED Drivers

    I like how the face goes over on the crown. No sky marks on that beauty.
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    Golf Grip Sizing

    Try a Plus 4, like a GP Tour Velvet Plus 4. Or just add more tape.
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    Wife surprised me with a driver fitting!

    Does it matter if you change the adapter loft after? Just wondering.
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    CaddyDaddy First Class Travel Cover

    I'm sold, gonna get one because I need a travel bag.
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    Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Drivers and Fairway Woods

    I didn't get to change the loft I was kinda short on time but that's OK because I'm going to treat myself to a CC fitting and let them do their magic. No question I need more loft with this head though. The flight is definitely lower with lower spin than my current gamer G400 MAX 9*. I just...
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    Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Drivers and Fairway Woods

    Hit the Epic MAX LS last night at GG and it was tremendous. Spotted a Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60 S in a bin and this combo killed the Ping G425 MAX. Spin and club head speed/ball speed were all better than the Ping. Employee there was worthless. I had to tell him how to change the settings...

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