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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    You suck. That is all.
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    SeeMore Putters Thread

    Just a couple brothers hanging out. And of course a family picture.
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    SeeMore Putters Thread

    Oh yeeaahhh!!! I have to say the SeeMore team is awesome to work with. Brandon has been extremely helpful and great to work with on multiple occasions. I'm my experiences they have ranked right up there as one of the best when it comes to taking care of customers. I can't recommend them enough.
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    Preferred outerwear style?

    1/4 zip baby! Although I just picked up a full zip Adidas that I already love and will see a lot of use. I'd actually like to pick up a nice sweater to wear on those chilly mornings. I'm a fan of that look.
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    Putting Banter

    It looks like my black SeeMore Nashville mFGP2 mallet should be showing up tomorrow. This one is adjusted to my specs and it's going to be awesome to get to work with my gamer for the year. I just have to figure out which grip to put on it.
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    The Pets Thread

    Wally is sure looking grown up!
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

    This may qualify as creepiest museum in existence.
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    SeeMore Putters Thread

    This is awesome information! It would be pretty great to have the opportunity to get a lesson from POB. I always enjoy it when he's on the SeeMore podcasts and seem to always learn something. I'm going to have to work on my grip after watching the video again.
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    Course Strategy: True Blue Edition

    That hole is tough! Somewhere there's a picture of me standing in the beachy area along the water hitting my shot during a THP event. My partner was on alligator watch while I was hitting. Keeping it down the left side of the fairway is the ideal play. Even then it's still a tough and long...
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    Car Color: Yay or Nay

    Heck yeah! That's a sweet color.
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    Mizuno ST-X and ST-Z Driver Review

    I need to call and see what my ETA is. We amazingly have golf like weather so I'm getting the itch and want to start taking some swings.
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    2021 Ogio Bag...Return of the Woodē System

    It's good to hear it looks sturdy. At some point my towel loop fell off my OGIO Alpha cart bag and they no longer have replacements so it's a feature I put a little extra focus on now.
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    2021 Ogio Bag...Return of the Woodē System

    I like this bag more the more I see it. What are your thoughts on that towel loop? Does it seem like it will hold up over time?
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    Bridgestone Bringing Irons?

    If they could bring back something similar to the J40DPC or J15CB I'd have a hard time not buying.
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    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Ordered a new Apex Pro 3 hybrid to try out. Hopefully this can finally kick my old Apex hybrid out of the bag.

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