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    Vegas Golf

    With you guys being there a week, I'd make the drive out to Wolf Creek. It's worth every minute.
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    Fairway Lofts - What ya got?

    16.5 3w turned up to 17.25, and 18 5w turned up to 19.5
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    Do You Own a Shaft Puller?

    I made my own out of some scraps I had laying around the shop and a bottle jack.
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    Lake Tahoe Open IV - 2021 Nor Cal Outing

    I should know in a couple weeks if I can do this or not. I hope so. Looking forward to seeing all of you again!
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    What’s your 2021 driver?

    It'll be that same as my 2020 driver, which was also my late 2019 driver. I have no plans to change anything in the top of my bag. I'm still loving my Epic Flash SZ driver. Wedges and irons are my first 2021 purchases.
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    Whiskey Thread

    My neighbor bought my wife and I a bottle of Devil's Share Bourbon for xmas this year. We actually just opened it this weekend and now I'm upset we waited so long. It's pretty dang tasty.
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    Drag racing!

    Been enjoying the hell out of bracket racing again. Just a stock car on a radial, but scary consistent.
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    Fairway Shafts - What should I look at?

    I've tried a bunch of the newer offerings when it comes to fairway shafts and always seem to go back to the same thing. One, because I LOVE the flight and feel. And two, because you can still get new uncut ones dirt cheap. Matrix Red Tie MFS 70Q4 in X flex.
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    Car Detailing Thread

    Just did a ceramic coat on the Challenger last weekend using Chemical Guys Hydro Charge spray. So easy to use and looks great. The paint is so white, I gotta wear :cool:
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    Palace of Putting

    Add me to the nope group. I think it would be awesome and something I'd really like to do. But I also know it's too small of an audience for something like that to make it a profitable, or even sustainable venture. Like people have said before, most people don't get fit... especially for...
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    Photo Heavy Cascata Golf Club- Boulder City NV

    Cascata is awesome! I played it for the first and only time last year right before the shut down.
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    Los Angeles City Golf new policy

    As far as I know, this hasn't affected us in Orange County. Just an LA thing.
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    2020 THP Holiday Cheer Day 2: Ben Hogan Irons with Custom Shafts

    Those shafts look really cool. Good luck everyone!

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