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  • lol i wish i could be there its always a blast playing scrambles out there especially if the younger airmen crowd shows up lol i miss playing there the courses were more challenging then the ones here in hawaii
    The greens on FWB are getting better. Not sure what happened to them this year but they got scorched pretty bad pretty early in the season. There's a couple scrambles happening at Hurlburt over the next couple of weekends that I'm in - like the Octoberfest tourney. That one should be a LOT of fun.
    hmm never heard of that course up in mossy head must be a new one since ive been gone i havent acutally lived there in about 4 years but i come back and visit alot ill actually be back there in january i usually play hurlburt eglin shalimar for fwb if its in good shape
    my bad i just sent you a pm about that lol last time i was home on leave fwb's greens were deader then hell shalimar pointe is deff a tight course to stay in the fairway on
    Fort Walton Beach. Shalimar Pointe isn't a great match for my swing. Seems right now, nothing is.......
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