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    Explain this question?

    Is this really that confusing? The question is which type of pressure you’d rather perform under, the pressure to maintain/extend a lead or to catch the leader.
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    Cut Golf Ball Review Thread

    I didn’t get my Cut Grey balls as part of this THP testing effort, but I had the same experience with the one sleeve I’ve opened and have been hitting in my garage. First strike with a wedge just tears them up. Unfortunately, I bought a bunch of them. Fortunately, I suck enough at golf that the...
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    Mile High Executive Course - 9 hole course I made in a city building video game I’m playing

    I’ve been totally addicted to the city building game Designer City on my iPad for the last week. As soon as I unlocked the golf course tiles yesterday, I had to build a 9 hole executive course. Tile selection is super limited, but I still had a lot of fun making it. Combined with the airport...
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    2021 devices, apps for gps, shot tracking: etc. iOS, android, wearable?

    Thanks for the video. I just picked up a Shot Scope to reduce my on-course tech interaction to a minimum, but this looks really good if it doesn’t end up working out for me. My thoughts exactly! If that’s old and stiff, I must be old and near death. 🤣
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    For those that work in IT, what do you do?

    Same. Been building web apps professionally for 23 years. Started as full stack, switched to a front end specialty with the rise of JavaScript frameworks around 10 years ago. React is my framework of choice these days.
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    Why aren't there any Maltby club reviews?

    I questioned that myself before I bought my adjustable driver, but I wanted to try out the different settings to see which worked best with my swing. Eventually though, I’ll end up setting and forgetting it too.
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    Why aren't there any Maltby club reviews?

    I remember reading at least one thread about the ISO-T from @Popeye when I was first looking into Maltby clubs.
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    Woodworking / Furniture Building

    Congrats to your wife on the new job. I’d say most people in the woodworking world, at least online, are familiar. I’m a member of several woodworking forums and almost everyone knows Woodpecker Tools. To expand on what I was saying earlier, this is a good example of what I mean when I say a...
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    Woodworking / Furniture Building

    @JohnSinVA I’m curious. Did you have any problems with wood movement on that desk? I had to stop woodworking for a while due to tendinitis shortly after I started my bench. When I came back to it seven or eight month later, I had some really bad twisting in my legs. I made it work, but my...
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    Woodworking / Furniture Building

    Yeah, I’m not opposed to paying a premium for a tool that solves some problem, but I just haven’t felt the value was there in most of their stuff for me, personally. There’s almost always another way to do something with cheaper tools that I already have. Plus, their red anodizing really turns...
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    Woodworking / Furniture Building

    I’m familiar. I know a lot of woodworkers that like them too. They make quality tools, but most of them are priced way too high for the problems they solve, imo. I have considered getting their band saw drill press table though. It’s not priced too much higher than similar offerings.
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    your yard

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to get some grub killer on the lawn. Crane fly larvae will chew the crap out of it, leaving bare spots all over my yard, if I don’t.
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    Tiger Woods Signs with 2K Sports

    2k21 is TGC 2019 rebranded with some minor updates/changes. It’s arcade to a point, as any game is, but it’s much, much harder than EA’s titles. I normally shoot a bit better than even in career mode on 2k21. In comparison, I normally shot -18 on TW 2013.

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