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    Western New York, Albany, Syracuse, Northwest Pennsylvania & surrounding areas

    Hi guys. I havent been checking in here lately. It seems as tho the gang has mostly left the building.
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    Trying to break 85 club

    As hard as it will be to try and match your opponent, (driving distance, etc), you have to play your own game. When I forst started league play I shot at least ten strokes over my normal score and it dawned on me I was trying to keep up with hitters that drove it a ways farther than I could but...
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    Western New York, Albany, Syracuse, Northwest Pennsylvania & surrounding areas

    Great! We havent had too many get togethers for rounds this year but keep watch.
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    Trying to break 85 club

    Went and played a 9 hole coarse (6000yds) for the first time ever and shot 40/43=83 with 2 birdies on the front 9.
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    CONTEST Contest: New Forum Moods - 2019 Grandaddy of em All

    I'm feeling pretty BadAss today. I went and played a course for the first time and shot 40/43=83 with 2 birdies.
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    CONTEST CONTEST: Paradise Week Day 4: Callaway Epic Flash Driver

    I really need an updated driver and this driver would ride nicely beside my rogue 3w.
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    Western New York, Albany, Syracuse, Northwest Pennsylvania & surrounding areas

    Went and played Oswayo Valley GC in Franklinville today with my wifes uncle. It's a 9 hole coarse about 6000yds that I've never played before and I shot 40/43=83 with 2 birdies the first time around. Pretty easy track with very small greens.
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    Contest: Callaway Customs Goes Rogue

    Awesome contest! Thank you THP and Callaway!
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    Golf Course to Charge by the Hour

    I was listening to PGA Tour channel on Sirius radio today and they said there is a course (I think in Minneapolis or Minnesota) that is going to do a charge by the hour rate at $10 per hour. They said the thinking was that if people only have an hour or two to play then they could come play what...
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    Shaft Testing. What all is Involved in the Process?

    I have never tried a different shaft in the driver I have. I bought it used (Cobra Bio Cell) and have always just used it with that shaft. I have only adjusted the loft of the head. I have never signed up to try to be a shaft tester because I don't know what is involved (if chosen) once a new...
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    Thanks Choppstixxx!

    Bought a club from Joe (choppstixxx) this week and like his swing delivery was fast and product is great! Can't wait to get out and hit it. Wouldn't hesitate to do more business with him. Thanks again Joe!
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    Great golf vid if you haven't seen it. Not long but funny.
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    RV's, Travel Trailers, 5th Wheelers, etc...Camping. Who has what and what you enjoy.

    Depending on how this thread goes maybe we can try to plan a camping/golf event for 2016 season. We have a 2006 26' Coachman Captiva bunkhouse traveltrailer. Really enjoy hooking up and heading to a new campground whenever we decide that's what we want to do for either just a weekend or a week...

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