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  • hmm. ok then. by chance is her name carly? last name hins? i could be way off but she just looks like someone from middle school :p
    hey i've been going through the significant other thread and saw your post with your daughter grandaughter. where in Oregon do they live? the grandaughter in the black and blue skirt looks extremely fimiliar.
    Good morning Lefty78,
    I'm Bear4ever on THP and my name is Jerry Burrell. A work associate of mine, adwillingham, told me something that I thought I'd inquire about. It so happens that our daughter is moving to Newberg, OR this August for graduate school. I was told that you knew of a golf outlet store in the Portland area that had pricing such that it was worthwhile visiting the store when you were in the area. What and where is this store?
    I live in Cleveland, TN and occasionally head south to Nob North to play some golf. If you are in that area and would possibly like to join up and paly a round together just PM me and let me know. I'm not a member of a club and I normally play Bear Trace at Harrison Bay. You'r welcome to join me there as well.
    Thank you,
    Jerry Burrell
    Enjoyed it as well Lefty. Hope you enjoyed some of our Florida "kind of" sunshine while you were down here. Haha, at this point I'm willing to try anything. Backstryke Ghost Spider?
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