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    What's Your Lie?

    Depends on the iron, my utility irons are four flat, 5-7 are 3 flat, my 8 & 9 are 3.5 flat, and my wedges are 4.5 flat.
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    If you were given a week to best your career low score by 5 shots, how would you go about it if you had unlimited time and resources?

    First thing is figure out how to take 20 years off of my back and shoulder, as my best round was a 63 when I was 20 years old. Then I would find a par 3 course and try and shoot four over.
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    Current fairway wood setup: What's in your bag?

    When I used a 3 & 5 Wood, they would be matched both head and shaft. Now, I don’t carry a fairway wood but my 3 utility irons match.
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    The 10 Records That Have Influenced Your Life

    I have very odd taste in music, but most of these albums were from my late middle school through early college years. With the exception of Matchbox 20 (my wife loves them so it is now on the list), these are all albums that I still listen to. Nirvana Nevermind Pearl Jam 10 Tim McGraw Not a...
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    What Drivers Have You Played in 2020 So Far?

    Ping G410 to start the year and now using a SIM.
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    Combo Sets: Where do you split?

    I change to utility irons at the 4, then 5-PW in a blade.
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    Wedge gapping

    PW: 47* 128 yards 51*: 116 yards 55*: 105 yards 59*: 95 yards
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    This is the third time the adapter has separated from the shaft on my driver.

    Last tip I have that hasn’t been mentioned is to law sure that the inside of the shaft is clear so no air bubbles are created and epoxy can works it’s way up the inside of the shaft.
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    How did you build your WITB?

    I test everything at work and go with what I like the feel of, I prefer a certain feel versus purely data based. I’m fortunate to have access to TrackMan so I can gather as much data as possible, I won’t give up ten yards, but I will give up five if I like the feel of a combination more than...
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    How's your hair situation?

    I do a 1 all around, so I have been keeping up with it at home.
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    Stenosing Tenosynovitis

    The surgery recovery was a few weeks, shots were almost immediate relief although the relief through shots lasted decreasingly shorter lengths of time, the first gave relief for a year, the second lasted about 6 months, and the third only three.
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    Older clubs you’ve always wanted to see with a modern shaft setup?

    Adams Speedline 9032 LS, Taylor Made r7 SuperQuad, Taylor Made r510 for drivers. Taylor Made 300, RAC TP (2006) in irons.
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    Stenosing Tenosynovitis

    I have it in multiple fingers, have done cortisone shots multiple times. Finally had the release done on one finger last year and may still end up doing the other three. Was a quick procedure and I was back chipping and putting after a few weeks.
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    Pick an Iron Set

    Taylor Made P7TW, I will still probably end up with a set.
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    Hit and Miss: Equipment Edition

    A couple years apart, but Taylormade r7 was a hit and the Nike SQ Sumo Square was a big miss. The r7 brought adjustability to the mainstream. The Nike driver was just awful in every way.

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