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    Help with a reshaft - KBS C Taper S or R+?

    Hi guys and gals, I recently bought a great "vintage" set of Mizuno blades that I want to reshaft into KBS C Tapers. I like the lower ball flight of the tapers and the shot dispersion was slightly better with the Tapers when compared to the KBS Tour S/X and the PX6.0. The weight also helps my...
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    WTB: KBS Tour C-Taper shafts (Stiff or R+)

    Hi everyone! Just like the title says, looking for new or used KBS C Taper shafts. Thanks, Sean
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    Ireland in July!

    Hi everyone, I need some help picking a course to play in southern Ireland (near Cork) in July. I only have time for one round and had Old Head Golf Links planned but it's very expensive. I've done a bunch of googling but it is very hard to find anything. Does anyone have any courses that...
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    Need putting help!

    Hi everyone, So I've been keeping my golf stats online for ~2 years now and I've improved in ALMOST all categories. My FIR's have gone up, my GIR's have gone up, my scoring and handicap is decreasing as well as scrambling %. The one area of my game that is still struggling is putting (and...
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    WTB: Tour Striker Pro and smash bag!

    Anyone have one? I'm interested! I desperately working on lag and getting hands forward of the clubhead through impact...i think these would help. Let me know! Thanks, Low
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    Rangefinder or GPS?

    Hi everyone, I'm debating getting a yardage device as I think it would help dial in my game. I can't decide between using a GPS or a rangefinder. I golfed last weekend with a guy that had the Garmin S1 watch which was pretty neat however it only gives you front/middle/back of greens and we all...
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    Anyone still gaming Nike VR_S forged irons?

    So just like the title says, anyone still gaming these? I remember JB used to play them for a bit, wondering if he still does... Hit these again today and still love how the feel, look, hit and perform. The 6 iron is ridiculous. I barely hit my old 4 iron that far. They were long and...
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    A year in review (almost...)

    Hi everyone, So the year is almost complete for all of us and I know that most of you are already feeling the teeth of winter. Fortunately in southern California we still have a bit of golf left in us! :blob: After a year of ups and downs, equipment changes, swing changes, etc. etc. I've...
  9. lowfi -- anybody used it?

    Hey THP'ers, Just wondering if anyone here has used Looks interesting but I dont really want to fork over the cash to learn more about it. Has anyone used it to any success? I trust THP's opinions...:) Thanks, Low
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    WTB: golf rangefinder/gps

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a rangefinder/gps. Preferably I'd like to get the Leupold GX1, as I've tried that before and I like it. Let me know what you have! Thanks, Low
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    Forward shaft lean = shots to the left?

    Hi everyone, So I had my first lesson on Monday and my instructor advised me to play with a bit more forward shaft lean, between my zipper and my pocket...uh, gonad? He suggested this because I mentioned that sometimes my mishits are thin and I tend to play with inconsistencies. Today...
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    What hybrid, help!

    Hi guys, This is super last minute, I know :(, but feel like I need to fill a gap. I'm playing Torrey Pines next week (Thursday) and am worried about the length. Right now I'm gaming a Dr, 3W, 3i- then on. I typically hit the 3iron off the tee on narrow holes, and shorter par4's. There is a...
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    WTB: Cleveland Fairway Launcher FL 15* stiff

    Just like the title says! Thanks everyone, Sean
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    WTB: 2 or 3 iron!! (MP Fli-Hi, MX900, others?)

    Hey everyone, Looking for a 2 or 3 iron that I'm going to be using off of the tee on certain holes. I just can't stand my hybrid ATM and I would love to game one of these for a bit to see how I like it. Anywho, I'm looking for a Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 2/3 iron or an Mizuno MX 900 3 iron. If anyone...
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    Forgiving 3 iron?

    Is that an oxymoron? Anyway, I am over my 21* hybrid Mashie. I get nasty draws/hoooks from it and I am going to stop fighting it. I should have bought something with less offset. My swing has changed for the better and the offset isn't helping me in the least. I rack my 4 iron off of the tee...

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