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    Nike VR Pro Vs. Titleist 910 D3

    While in Myrtle Beach I had a chance to go to a PGA Superstore and test hit plenty of clubs. My two favorite clubs were hands down the Nike VR Pro and the Titleist 910 D3. The Nike had the Project X 6.0 in it and the Titleist had the Diamani Ahina in it. They both gave me very similar...
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    Back in Action

    I'm finally back after taking a break for about a week and a half. Between graduation and my senior trip to Myrtle Beach, SC I just couldn't find the time to stay active how I'd like to. Now all the excitement from graduation is over I plan to stay active a remainder of the Summer for sure...
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    Beach Golf Sweepstakes

    Really cool sweepstakes with a ton of cool prizes.
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    Logo Balls

    Do any of you guys collect logo balls? I've got about 50 in a rack in my bed room. Logos from PGA tournaments (Masters, Wells Fargo), tournaments I've played in (Pinehurst, Kiawah), and even just sports teams (Mooresville Blue Devils, App State Mountaineers, Carolina Panthers). What do you guys...
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    Walker or Rider?

    Which one are you and why? I try and walk most places I go simply because I can slow it down if I need to and it keeps my mind busy unlike riding on a cart where I often become distracted.
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    Favorite Course This Year...

    What is your favorite course you have played so far this year? Mine is the Jones Course at Rock Barn in Conover, NC. This is where the Champions Tour plays one of their events. The #1 Tee shot This is a great picture of a par 5 coming at you from the left and the tee for the next hole is...
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    Indy 500 Finish

    Did anyone see the finish? Rookie wrecked in the last turn on the last lap!! Still slid across the line in 2nd...
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    DG Spinners...

    I am currently playing X100's in my irons and wedges. My wedges are Titleist Vokeys and I get good enough spin. My question is to everyone with Spinners how does it compare to a normal shaft on different types of shots. With the little blip in the shaft I automatically want to think it would...
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    New Sound Systems

    Do any of you fellow THPers out there have sweet sound systems in you car? A lot of my friends here lately have been getting new speakers and such. I know I'm only 18 and I like this kind of thing, but if you guys have any information about this or sweet systems you would like to show off...
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    Belly Putter or Standard Length

    I've always played a standard length putter anywhere from 32" to 35" inches. What do you guys think about Belly Putters? Do you feel that they are cheating?
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    Titleist ProV1 vs. Taylormade Penta

    The ProV1 is undoubtedly the most popular ball in golf and the Penta is coming out of the box strong. I hear a ton of great stuff about the Penta, but have been a ProV1 guy my entire golfing career. I've yet to play the Penta, but am interested. Have you guys played and compared both of these...
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    Mother's Day...

    What are you guys doing for your moms this year? Cards, flowers, etc.? I've got a card for my mom already and going to try and find her some nice flowers. :D Earn me some brownie points haha
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    Masters Invites

    I know Masters season is over, but I found this today and thought it was interesting. Don't know if anyone has seen this before, but I thought it was cool. How would you like to see this in your mailbox?
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    Going to Quail Hollow

    My friend called me earlier today and asked me if I would like to like to go... Of course! :D I have been in years in the past and loved it. It's a really great course with a great field. I'm super stoked about going this year even though Tiger chickened out. Are there any other Hackers...
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    Waiting while playing!

    Does anyone else absolutely hate waiting while golfing. I know it comes with the sport sometimes, but I played the slowest 9 holes of my life the other day and just could not find a rhythm the entire 9 holes. I didn't enjoy round because we were constantly waiting. Does this bother anyone...

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