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    THPers on The Grint

    Add me to the list of those on The Grint. Bruce Spell...
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    So I’m assuming based on the Srixon description of these being like “the classic Q STAR TOUR” and also because they are a matte finish that the DIVIDE does not have the “spin skin” finish that the latest Q Star Tour balls have, correct?
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    CONTEST The Golf Ball: 2021 Grandaddy of em All with Callaway Golf

    From previous experience with the Chrome Soft lineup I was pretty sure I'd play the Chrome Soft. And sure enough, the online selector came down to Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft Triple Track, and Chrome Soft Yellow!
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    Put me in the camp that loves this idea! I am a fan of the QST and the built in putting alignment of a 50/50 ball will add another element to an already great performer. I can't wait to try these on the course!
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    Looking For Testers: Golf Balls

    Another awesome opportunity from THP and Cut Golf! 1. What golf balls do you currently use? Usual gamer is the Bridgestone Tour BRX. Have started to like the Taylormade Tour Response lately. 2. Which Cut Golf ball here do you think fits you better? I think the Cut Grey is the ball that would...
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    What do you pay for a haircut?

    I guess I'm in the minority. I pay $66 (inc tip) for my shampoo, cut, color, style. Been using this stylist for years. I also only get mine cut every 8 weeks (so it's pretty shaggy when I do go in).
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    Blind Ball Testing Review Thread

    Unfortunately (for the E12 Contact) this is my result as well. The E12 contact does well off the tee (low spin, good distance) but fails close to the green (just couldn't get them to check much at all). The TaylorMade Tour Response is a much better all around ball. On the other end of the...
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    Looking For Testers: Theragun PRO

    As usual, THP bringing awesome opportunities to enhance our golf and beyond! 1. Have you tried percussive therapy devices before? I have. Never owned one personally, but have tried a few different ones on sore muscles, cramps, and aches. Quite impressed with the technology. 2. What makes you...
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    National Pizza Day

    Only one day designated as National Pizza Day? I thought any day ending in "y" was pizza day!!
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    Blind Ball Testing Review Thread

    So I took the "blind ball" (read E12 Contact) out for my Wed afternoon round yesterday. I hadn't played in two weeks due to a short trip, work, and weather. I decided to warm up one hole with a familiar ball (Chromesoft X TT) and then I switched over to the new ball. Here is my overall...
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    Looking For Testers: New Golf Bag

    1. Watch the short video above: Done 2. Comment below about your favorite feature: Hard to only pick one feature as a favorite. I really like the rotating top, 14-way full length dividers, and the fact that the clubs are locked in place to prevent chatter! Put them all together and this is...
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    2021 Super Bowl Contest and Thread

    I am picking the TB Bucs... I'd really like to see Brady and the Bucs pull it off.
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    What’s more impressive... a hole in one or bowling a perfect game?

    I haven't read all the responses, but like the majority I did skim through I agree the feat of bowling a 300 is much, much more difficult than a HIO. I consider my skill at both sports "average" (probably about a 18 hc in golf, and I have a league average of around 160 in bowling). I've only...
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    Best personalized golf balls

    I put this on my last personalized balls: I once was lost, but now I'm found

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