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    Callaway Releases Big Bertha B21 Driver

    Like you I've been taking in all the feedback with regards to this new driver. I did get a chance to hit a few with @Wildcat4life 's when he first got it but his Jumbo Max grips were awkward for me since I'm not used to them. Luckily, I've been able to schedule a slot for an upcoming demo day...
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    EXPERIENCE 2020 Ben Hogan and UST Mamiya Experience

    I can confirm wholeheartedly that being on the winning team for the villa crawl at the Distance Bash was a BIG score! I can also say I think both villas set the bar pretty high with the drinks during that event. Definitely looking forward to see what Team Danny and Team Tyler come up with at...
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    The eCard Thread

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    The eCard Thread

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    The eCard Thread

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    The eCard Thread

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    Work anniversary....yours ?

    Actually been with this company since before I officially graduated college (internship then hired permanently). HR says I've got 36.5 years. Fortunately, I've had many, many different positions within the company (development, test, field support, customer service, and management a few...
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    Callaway Releases Big Bertha B21 Driver

    For those that have tried this driver that choose to replace the shaft - do you try a replacement shaft based on your experiences with other driver heads from other OEMs? For example, my current driver is a Cobra Speedzone Xtreme with a UST Mamiya LINQ Gunmetal F4 shaft. That combination of...
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    EXPERIENCE 2020 Ben Hogan and UST Mamiya Experience

    Nobody can match Danny's smack talk game :ROFLMAO:. Team Tyler has lost already ;)
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    It's been a while since I made the quoted post back in April. I thought it might be time for an update on my driver... First and foremost, the Speedzone/Linq combination is still in my bag and performing better than I could have imagined. I haven't swung my old driver (Ping G400) in over 6...
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    Way to detect refurbished golf balls

    Are you saying the ranger will pick up balls on the course while people are playing?

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