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    Looking For Testers: Edel SMS Wedges

    Oh man, this is another amazing opportunity for THPers! 1. Set Wedge 51*, Cleveland CBX 56*, Cleveland Zipcore Full Face 60* 2. The most intriguing thing is obviously the adjustable weights. Would love to test out the different slots to see what results would be. Seeing what some other THPers...
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    2021 UST Mamiya Shaft Up # 3 Irish Course Hole by Hole

    And we are hitting the home stretch: No. 15 Frog Water 479 459 416 370 335 Par 4 Handicap: 1 How to Play This Hole The safe play off the tee is down the left side, although this makes the hole play even longer. A long approach should also favor the left side. Conservative play will...
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    Are You A Mudder?

    I have spent too much money on rain gear and waterproof shoes that I will play in the rain. Has to be pretty terrible conditions for me to not get a round in.
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    Wedge Setup

    I personally only go 2 non set wedges: Set PW (46*) and AW (51) and then go with a Cleveland 56/60, both of the full face. For me, the set wedge is mostly just full or 3/4 shots so the added forgiveness is more needed than the versatility I might get from a blade type GW.
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    Finn Scooters

    I am sure they are amazing, but I would hurt myself on one of these. I could barely ride a bike when I was a kid so adding a motor, golf clubs and however much weight I have put on = recipe for disaster.
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    2021 UST Mamiya Shaft Up # 3 Irish Course Hole by Hole

    Man, starting to get a mix of excitement and sadness as we get closer to the finish line here... May have to get a bottle of this stuff to drink while we play this hole: No. 14 Tullamore Dew 564 520 508 469 380 Par 5 Handicap: 11 How to Play This Hole A solid tee shot anywhere in...
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    The Stack System

    I forgot to add, took me 40 minutes to do this workout, lots of rest time, and I spent 5 minutes plus talking to my neighbor who was confused at what I was doing. It will also take some time for me to figure out the weights but the app is awesome. I do the training with my AirPods in so just...
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    The Stack System

    So did baseline today, a couple of the numbers I think I read wrong, need to replace the batteries in my sensor as I think the 88 was actually a 98, but oh well. I need to learn what eSpeed is
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    Shaft Up #3 with UST Mamiya Contest - Whistling Straits Swag Bag

    Index is listed to the left of what you are reading now and swing speed is 95-98 when I have been on quad.
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    AutoFLex Shaft

    So I have one more round before I get fit by one of the greats to something different, but in over 50 rounds with my Autoflex there have been good times and better times I have been taking lessons and back to a committed fitness program (long way to go on both). But overall my handicap has...
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    Shaft Up #3 with UST Mamiya Contest - Whistling Straits Swag Bag

    I will hold off on making my predictions as I think that might skew some of the results....
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    The Hydration Thread

    Both 1 and 2? IF I know I am going to have a hot day or two on the course I will try and load up the day before by drinking extra water and having a electrolyte additive (have been using liquid IV lately). Then regardless of the temp I shoot for having 64 oz of water and 1 electrolyte...
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    Chipping.....Do you use your highest loft?

    Most shots I am grabbing my 56* (before it was my 54*). If I am short sided or playing a decent up hill shot I will grab my 60*. The best advice is to get it on the ground as soon as you can. I don't practice enough with an iron to play the bump and run consistently and admire the guys that...
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    The Stack System

    Stack arrived Saturday, went through and got the app on my phone so I am ready to go. Played each day so want to start this fresh and will do my first stack attack today. Believe this will be setting up a baseline to work off of going forward. Plan is to do the training every other day, prior...
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    2021 UST Mamiya Shaft Up # 3 Irish Course Hole by Hole

    I cannot wait to see these holes in person, just wild how awesome this course looks!

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