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    Review Arccos Caddie Link Review

    I had 3 or 4 missed shots tdoday, but all with my driver and pitching wedge, same clubs that I had missed shots with last week. Guessing it is battery drain and I am thinking it might be time to replace those, or just buy a new set. Really like being able to play music from my phone and not...
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    Is there any golf related clothing you are willing to pay a premium for?

    I like you have started to veer towards paying more for quality in all items, but especially shoes and rain gear. I voted those and shorts/pants as I have bought quality gear at full price while polos I always wait for a sale.
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    Who would be the worst PGA player to caddie for?

    Bryson and it isn't even close. Set up before his practice would take you an hour. Trackman, quad, stickering up clubs, getting out the spray bottle in case there might be rain that week. Calculating wind direction exactly etc etc etc. Then on the course, just the time it takes to play...
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    Picking up/max score in non-elite competition

    unfortunately I have had multiple people do this in our club tournaments despite it being explicitly written that you have to finish out. In this scenario, that has not been the case and in fact a precedent has been set in the group of MAX ESC being used so I would have written him down for...
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    Distance potential - Who is the longest on tour?

    Not sure, but I think it would come from the following group: Finau Champ DJ Woodland Bryson is doing everything he can to top out already, I think the other 4 could alter swing/equipment and add some distance pretty quickly.
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    True Linkswear Lux knit

    Can't speak to the feels, have not had the pleasure.
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    Theragun mini

    another evening at home and another day where the mini has come through in the clutch. used it to warm up before hitting the range and now I on my couch giving my legs and shoulders a once over. Battery life on this is proving to be as good or better than they list. get at least an hour of...
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    True Linkswear Lux knit

    The Majors for the cost were a miss. I bought mine 2nd hand from someone who got them in the black friday deal and for $120 for the majors with a True hat thrown in I am pleased with the purchase. Anyway, back to fit, it is like recommending a shaft to someone over the internet based on what...
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    Review Arccos Caddie Link Review

    This is where I had it for my 2 rounds and it went about as well as my phone does.
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    True Linkswear Lux knit

    I have wider feet, but I go 10 in all true shoes except the major, which I have 10.5 and fits pretty similarly to the 10 in the Lux knit. I have also worn a 10 in the puma nxts after wearing 10.5 in older models. Not sure if that helps, but has been my experience in them. EDIT: I would also...
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    Review Arccos Caddie Link Review

    Yes, because I didn't do that when I first charged it after receiving it and saw it sitting on the coffee table flashing red. otherwise it would have been dead when I got to the course. That is a strange setting that it turns on when charging, but when I charged it yesterday I turned it off...
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    Walk18 Golf Harness System Review

    Pandemic put a 2 month pause on my golf season and since the resume, no water on the course had me taking my clicgear back out so this was just collecting dust. I played 36 on saturday and took a cart for the first 18 and 2nd course was CPO so busted this out. It is a great design and got me...
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    Review Arccos Caddie Link Review

    I used this for 34 holes (it started flashing red on the 16th green of my 2nd 18 of the day) and it missed a few shots, but I think that is mostly because my sensors are losing power. It missed 3 or 4 shots with my PW and a couple putts, but the putts I probably didn't set up and take the time...
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    True Linkswear Lux knit

    I had only worn these for rounds I rode in a cart, but this weekend I played 36 and walked the 2nd round. Put these on my feet at 7:30 aM and didn't take them off until almost 7pm and I didn't think about my feet once the entire time. Absolute magic for me.
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    Theragun mini

    That sucks, Fedex has been wild with delivery dates for me. Something that was supposed to be 2 day priority shipped last thursday from Utah and still hasn't shown up. Hopefully yours shows up by monday so you can get in the sweet relief.

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