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  • no, i'm in st george just past mesquite. i've talked to geoff a couple times, we shared some stories about jay don blake who lives and plays here in st george. i really want to go down to see him, time , money and family are holding me up. you seem well versed in the golf swing, is there one thing that geoff taught you that really opened your eyes!!!??? did he see something in your swing that you didn't?
    hey marcH, you saw some posts you've done and a video of your swing, looks like the callaway center in vegas. Ive been following slicefixer's stuff for over a year now. Did you get to go see him?????? You live in vegas??? I'd like to pick your brain a little and have you take a look at my swing. let me know. thanks for your posts, very informative. -rjt2326
    I didn't hear back from them. I think they will probably just send you an outfit of their choice. That's pretty common. I think it will be nice. Fingers crossed!
    i just posted 2 videos on will you check them out and tell me what you see.
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