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  • Have a Merry Christmas Marc! I hope it's a good one. Can't wait till winter is over to tee it up again. I already have cabin fever!
    Nice avatar again dude... Hope your wife doesn't see them. Unless she's into that sort of stuff lol
    Hey Marc I was wondering if your shoes were shipped via USPS or another method? I still haven't received mine yet, and was wondering if there was a tracking number or something associated with them.

    You should try and get in the THP outing. It will be a blast. Brock, Dan, You and I could share a villa.
    Lets play before that! I take my daughter home this weekend, what about the next weekend I drag danny p along.
    Nope I got it before that. But I had a coupon and got the trade in program. Gave me 40 for the dead R7 and $50 bonus. I was out the door with tax and a brush for $198.
    The face on my R7 was dead. Now I finally have some distance back on the tee box! I'm excited. I pushed it right at first. But with a good inside out swing, it just flies! You know I had a crush on the R11 but walked out buying the 2.0... GO FIGURE
    Hey bro, How you been hitting them? I just picked up a Burner Superfast 2.0 driver on Saturday. It's a definitely a Nice club. Hopefully I will hit it as well as you do. Keep your right elbow in... LOL
    No I was just thinking lima might be half way for us. RED HAWK RUN in Findlay I really want to play and Brock is close to that too.
    Um... Nope I don't. The veterans listen the first time I yell at them, the ball doesn't listen at all!! LOL :curse:
    For sure! Whenever you are up to it. Maybe we can play on a Sunday somewhere. The only sunday I won't be able to is the 4th sunday of the month. I volunteer to serve breakfast to the Veterans.
    Hey dude I had a blast this weekend! We definitely need to get together and play again. Maybe I can come your way or you my way. Or both.
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