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    Streamsong buddy trip

    I’m interested in a winter trip to Streamsong this year, and there “Ultimate Buddy Package” (3 nights stay, and 3 rounds) looked very cool. Anyone have any idea in pricing on this package? I know it will depend on dates, but trying to get a ballpark without calling them. Thanks for any insight...
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    Buying a putter without hitting it?

    Hey guys, I’m really interested in the Evnroll ER9 putter but I can’t find one anywhere near Chicago to test. I’ve been fit at Club Champion in the past, so I know the specs I need, but part of me feels like it’s crazy to buy a putter without ever testing it. I know I can always return it, but...
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    San Antonio Courses

    Hey guys, I'll be in San Antonio in early October for work, and will likely have a chance to get in a round or two. Anyone have a favorite course to recommend? I'm staying at the Hyatt Regency Hill County and would love to find somewhere reasonably close. Thanks! Matt
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    Backyard putting green

    Hey guys, I’m pretty new to the group but thought I’d reach out for some advice. I’m looking to build a putting green and a small sand trap in my back yard. I was leaning towards a synthetic turf but wanted to get the groups opinion on synthetic vs. natural. The area isn’t 100% sunny. Also...
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    Santa Fe recommendations?

    I’ll be out in Santa Fe in a few weeks, and will have time to get a round in. I’m staying downtown, and will be relying on Uber, so don’t want to go too far. Any recommendations? Thanks!! Matt
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    Thoughts on Arccos 360?

    I am thinking of buying the Arccos 360 system. Anyone have thoughts they can share? Also interested in the new version of the caddie software. Thanks!
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    Kansas City Recommendations

    I’ll be in Kansas City for work the first week of June and looking to get a round or two in. Anyone have a recommendation on courses nearby? thanks!

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