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  • Hey man its been kinda odd without you on THP. Got used to reading your posts every day. Hope all is well and looking forward to meeting you at the Outing. 3 days of golf heaven with 70 like-minded individuals will make everyhting better. I'll have your first cold one waiting for you.
    HI Matty !! I've been enjoying reading your post and following you around here on THP, no, I'm not stalkin ya, just watching LOL
    Hit one today at Golfsmith. Couldn't really tell if I like it or not. I think I will pass on it as I still need to sell my r9 rescue tp. I might go the 5 wood route again also. Have you posted it on Ebay? Thought they were selling for more than $60 there. Golfsmith is 2/$200 right now. Good luck.
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