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    SWAG Putters Thread

    So how do you find out when new covers are released? Is it just checking daily?
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    Recommend a hitting net and mat

    Considering the off season in Utah make my garage too cold to hit in, I would definitely have to look at a basement setup.....That being said the idea that it just depends on how much I want to spend still applies.....Is it possible to remove joists without the floor above collapsing? HAHA!
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    Last Concert You Attended?

    The Killers. My wife is a super fan of theirs and at that point was six months 5 months pregnant. Didn't stop her from wanting to be down in GA.
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    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Ordered a new grip from Flux Golf for my Harmony that I won here at THP. Had the option to go with white/bronze, black/bronze, and black/gray. Currently it has the white/bronze but I have decided that white grips just get dirty too quick for me so I went with the black/bronze.
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    Recommend a hitting net and mat

    I've been considering this for a year now but unfortunately with a 2 car garage and the 8 foot ceilings in the unfinished basement, I haven't been able to find a reasonable way of going about getting this done. Very Jealous of you all!
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    Do you buy new equipment every year

    Really got back into golf I would say about three years ago. The first year I bought a whole new set of irons, which I'm in love with so I will have those for awhile, and a driver. The past two years I have been able to slide by purchasing 1-2 new clubs without raising a stink from my wife as...
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    The Happy Thread

    Today I'm happy for my mail lady...That is a putter sized box.....That I'm 99.999% sure contains a Flux Harmony putter that was sent from our friend @GolferGal . Very excited to hopefully get out this weekend and give it a try!
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    SWAG Putters Thread

    Ugh I need those Sugar Skulls. I think that even my wife would be fine with me dropping that money to get a sugar skull cover. Big fans of sugar skulls in our house.
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    Cleaning a hat

    Reading all these people putting it in the dishwasher or washing machine....Does this not ruin the bill of the hat?
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    14 Clubs, How Many Brands?

    Driver - Callaway 3 Wood/wedges - Titleist Irons - Taylormade Putter - Up for grabs currently have Odyssey but the Flux I won shows up on Thursday and may take the spot.
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    WTB: SWAG Sugar Skull

    looks like someone on Ebay has the front left one for sale.
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    Titleist Vokey SM8 Wedges

    I actually like the layout of the engravings. I feel like the past few renditions of the Vokey's have the engravings in generally the same spot. This one changes that up quite a bit. I do like the blank space but as others have said, the lack of Titleist logo makes me think that blank space will...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats! You Won a Putter

    Will do! Hope I get it before we get some serious snow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Congrats! You Won a Putter

    WHAT!! Wow what an awesome surprise! What a great thing to happen right as I take a break from month end processes I get this awesome Surprise! Thanks again THP!
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    Best Golf Calendar out there!

    Hey everyone, Hope this is okay that I post this here but there is a golf calendar that personally I think would look great in any of your offices/homes/cars/anywhere a calendar could go. The really cool thing is that profits go to charity. the link is below! (PS I'm in no way associated nor...

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