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  • I sure am. Do you have a preference as to which day? I would prefer Saturday, but Sunday is fine too. I think I want to get out pretty early to avoid the late afternoon thunder storms.
    Spank, you're probably right. But sometimes SW is extremely high on their fares making it a bit of a wash. I know I'm early in asking these types of questions but my money management skills are even more lacking than my golf skills, so I need to figure things out earlier than most!
    I noticed you were in Garner. Southwest flies out of RDU direct to here. I think you'll be better with them if you include baggage fees.
    Yeah, I keep watching it and I noticed that, and it is one of my many known flaws. Andy's response makes sense as well regarding ball position. My other thought is that it doesn't look like I even attempted a full turn through the finish. So many things to work on!
    I didn't want to post this in the Ask the Pro on the forum but I think I can give you an answer to your question about the fat shot vs the good shot. If you look at the videos again check out where your head goes on the fat shot compared to the good shot. I see your head going down after the ball slightly more on the fat shot and staying more level in the good shot. Keeping the spine and neck and head in line and as level as possible going back and through will help eliminate the fats. Keeping the back (right) knee flexed but firm so it doesn't dip at all is important also. Hope you don't mind me sending this, just trying to help. Feel free to ignore if you want.
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