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    Mandalorian Season 2

    Best possible direction for the Star Wars franchise at the current moment.
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    Best Non-Putter Headcover You've Seen

    A custom leather macho man cover
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    NOW OPEN: The 2020 Secret Holiday Gift Exchange!

    Love seeing the cheer being spread! Sad I was not able to participate this year, but definitely a spirit raiser to see all the joy.
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    Are you Old?

    29 but I have a bug for nostalgia and history. So apparently I'm old. Also, salt sucks when mixed with a dimmer switch.
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    2020 THP Holiday Cheer Day 3: Cobra KING SpeedZone Xtreme Driver

    I've got an F9 with a HZRDUS Yellow, stiff. I hit both when I intially decided on the F9 for cost factors. But the SZ was an improvement on the F9 in everyway, which is more impressive considering the F9 is dang near perfect. RH please! Thanks for the chance!
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    Music playlist for the course?

    I enjoy "epic" movie scores. John Williams, Ennio Morricone, Alan Silverstri, etc. Or 90's rap/hiphop
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    COMING SOON: The 2020 Holiday Gift Exchange

    I'm in. It's been a hectic year and not getting to golf much, along with moving has really taken it's toll. I'll have my 2021 AC membership up soon.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT 2021 Albatross Club is Now Open: THPers Making a Difference Helping Children

    get paid next week? Yup. time to buy myself an early christmas present.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT Shaft Up will Return in 2021

    Woo! Glad to see things enduring.
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    What is your favorite vehicle you have owned?

    93 Z28 or 86 Ramcharger. Neither were pretty but damn they were fun.
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    Mandalorian Season 2

    I live in Michigan, there is no outta conference games so it's gonna be hard to go the Par for the Course 9-3 and lose to all teams with some semblance of a heartbeat (OSU, PSU, WISC)
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    Week 2: THP Fantasy Football

    We don't talk much but let the transactions do more of the talking.
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    Week 2: THP Fantasy Football

    League 4 also had it's first trade of the season!

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