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    Make a Prediction on your ‘21 Driver

    Will be my TS2, not planning on changing it any time soon
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    PS5 & Xbox Series X

    Its really good, even better if you have never played the original
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    PS5 & Xbox Series X

    I think the discs are for the licence only, it still downloads the game from the store I went for the digital version anyway I copied over the games I wanted to keep onto an external drive, not plugged it in yet, as reports of issues with them at the moment Demon Souls is brilliant
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    PS5 & Xbox Series X

    I managed to get hold of a PS5 a few days after the UK release date, had to pay more than RRP for it, nut not too much more
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    New guy from the Netherlands checking in

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    Returning to regular golf after 15 years

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    new girl here

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    New and checking in

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    Hi from Central Ohio

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    What Golf Stuff Did You Do Today?

    Just watching the Masters, itching to get back out on the course
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    How will you watch the Masters?

    Featured groups until TV broadcast starts Got the TV booked from 12pm tomorrow and then my iPad for when my wife wants to watch TV
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    NOW OPEN: The 2020 Secret Holiday Gift Exchange!

    I messaged Sox_Fan, saying the exact same thing to him
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    ANNOUNCEMENT The Morgan Cup will Return in 2021

    That's great news, congrats

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