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    What golf stuff did you buy today?

    Bought this Bridgestone bag on ebay yesterday. Also picked up a new SuperStroke grip for my putter and a new Aerotech shaft to fix my broken 7 iron.
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    Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons

    I hit the long irons this weekend and hoo boy. Never considered Cleveland irons before, but if the long irons are that good, I can only imagine how much I'd like the short irons. I like what I'm hearing in this thread as well.
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    College Golf thread

    I was posting in the other College Golf thread, but it looks like it's been archived. We had our first official team practice last night in our brand new indoor facility. We also have access to Harbor Club and Cuscowilla at Lake Oconee to practice on Wednesdays and Thursdays, which is something...
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    Different shot shapes with different clubs

    For me, I've started to rely on a pretty straight ball or a slight fade with my driver and 4H, but I normally see a straight or slight draw from my other clubs. I don't do it purposefully, but it seems to be the stock swing for me right now. Do you tend to hit different types of shots depending...
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    FS: Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 10.5*

    Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 10.5* Project X LZ Blue shaft, stiff flex Very good condition, IMO. Average condition on CPO is $200 before shipping, this one can be your's for $130 shipped.
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    GIVEAWAY: $50 Srixon/Cleveland Golf Gift Card

    Up for grabs is a $50 Srixon/Cleveland Golf Gift Card valid at or Rules Be a 2016 Albatross Club member Post in this thread that you want it Deadline is 12PM Wednesday, November 18th. Winner announced shortly after.
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    FS: Callaway X2 Hot 3W, 3H, 4H stiff

    Headcovers included. $60 shipped each or $160 shipped for the entire set. All are in good condition. No trades at this time. 3W - Adila Tour Blue Stiff Shaft 3H - Callaway X2 Hot Blue Hybrid Stiff shaft 4H - Callaway X2 Hot Blue Hybrid Stiff shaft
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    Par 3 Greens: Shallow or Narrow?

    When hitting into a par 3, what kind of green do you prefer: one that is shallow, but plenty of room to miss right or left or one that is really deep, but has trouble on the left and right? I prefer shallow with plenty of room to miss right or left. I feel like I can normally get a yardage...
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    The "I hate this hole" Thread

    Anyone have a hole at their local course that just annoys the hell out of them? Here's mine. #11 @ Little Fishing Creek Golf Course. I hate the design because I hit a draw and no matter what shot I hit I struggle to find the fairway and if I luck out and hit the fairway the green is tough to...
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    Scorecards: Better format

    Horizontal or vertical? The 2nd picture is the one I'm not a fan of. The clip always hides the name and I eventually forget who is in what order on the card. One local course I play has it in line with the clip holder in the cart like this: Another has it like this and I hate it:
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    Who calls your best golf moment?

    I'm sure most of us have done this in either our backyard or our living room. A putt to win The Masters or another important tourney or your all-time best round or shot. Which announcer calls your putt/shot? It can be any golf announcer or any other sports announcer.
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    Tee Boxes for Life: Tips or Forward

    Imagine a world where the middle tees didn't exist. You have two options: Tips that are way back and Forwards that are way up there. You can only choose one to game for the rest of your golfing life. What do you choose and why?
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    FS: Callaway Aqua Dry stand bag

    $140 shipped I've got two bags and one has to go in order to fund my trip to #TheGauntlet. This bag has only been used for a couple of months and it's been in storage the past couple of months since I got my Big Bertha stand bag. This bag has a 5-way divider, 6 waterproof pockets, non-slip...
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    FS - Bridgestone J40 DPC Irons 5-PW/Aerotech i95

    Bridgestone J40 DPC Irons 5-PW with Aerotech i95 Regular Flex shafts 1/2" Long/1* Upright NDMC Midsize grips $325 shipped No trades at this time. Absolutely love these irons, just trying to fund my trip to The Gauntlet. PW 9I 8I - rock in a fairway bunker caused the mark 7I 6I...
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    2015 #TheGauntlet Travel Thread

    I know it'll pick up when the last two teams are selected, so I thought I'd get it started. I'll be flying into Midway around lunch on Friday and looking at a flight after 7pm on Sunday. Anyone else made plans already?

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