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  • I thought the R11S was so much better than the R1.

    How about the Covert?
    You are gonna get the red ZL Encore? Don't you already have the black?

    Have you hit the R9 SuperTri? The AMP Cell is very comparable to that head in terms of spin for me.
    It's an awesome driver, but honestly I didn't find it any better than the AMP. Sounds a little better and has a cooler shaft, but performance wise there was hardly a difference. I wish I could game one but it spins so much!

    The FM and hybrid is a huge improvement in all ways, on the other hand.
    No, ball had to stay put on the green to win. My friend got one, we are gonna go play the RTJ Signature and Threetops this summer (I'll just pay), as well as Eldorado which we got free rounds for (the one where you had to putt it in to win), was along the wall by Maple Hill.
    I'm about an hour and a half from there it's pretty far northwest of me.
    Thanks, it is actually Dufner's picture on his Twitter account. Guess he has a good sense of humor huh?
    Tour issue yes. I, sure there s some difference in the head but the markings looked the same based on your pics.
    Didn't get to play it :( My friend who I was gonna play it with had to cancel for personal reasons... I just played at Kaufman. I'm going there next year to be a member it's an awesome course. Still gonna try and get PR in this fall though.
    You've played Pilgrim's Run right? I'm playing there Friday. Is it as good as its made out to be? How hard (probably just playing whites)? How do the greens compare to Kaufman (assuming you've played there) in terms of speed? Best course in west michigan?
    I love Black Bear! Hit that on the way to Mackinac when I was like 12... awesome course but I probably shot a 250 lol. No, you don't win anything for hitting it in the boat. Just a good target. During the junior camp though in the summer they give every kid one ball to hit at it and if they make it in they get a free membership for the rest of the summer...
    How was threetops? Best par 3 ever? Congrats on the cash!

    I have yet to hit a wedge in the nets there that don't spin back onto the mat... I'll give 'em a whirl outside. My way of judging wedges: If i put it in the boat one out of my first dozen shots it's good.
    Saturday I'm there! Are the MP-64 and JPX 825 metals and irons in also?
    Oh just really frustrated at the medicus that I can't seem to get to not break (its a training aid with a hinge in the shaft that breaks if you have a swing flaw).
    Does the J40 set have a GW? How about something with a cavity like CG16? Or go with any old iron set GW.
    Yeah. It was a good wedge for the price. Really slick looking. IMo the R-12 is a much better bet though. variable sole and DG spinner shaft.
    Someone had a great shot this year to go post about in the Shot of the Year thread!
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