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  • Do you know yet if you can go friday? Gotta be before noon if you can.
    I'm off school this friday. Think we could meet up for a round?
    yeah dude my putting has sucked ass the last 4 rounds with it. I gotta pull it.
    I went with the slight arc model but that was the only version they had. I would have liked to try the SBST version if they had it.
    I just noticed that lol. How did you golf?
    Was in S IN/OH Monday & Tuesday to windy to golf
    It appears you posted on the wrong profile lol

    I played at saskatoon with a friend last Saturday.
    Yeah... it's gonna be a test of my patience. I want to wait... but Maple Hill has a whole rack of shiny new wedges...
    I didn't order them yet. Blind9 has them on backorder meaning they don't even have them to give to me yet.
    The wedges are on backorder till July. This will be a good test of my patience.
    Patty just got back to me with a GREAT offer. Now it's time to convince the parents that buying from someplace other than Maple Hill and someplace they've never heard of is a smart idea.
    J40s. I need to hear back from Patty @ Blind9 on a price. I hear they're great to work with and I look forward to doing business with them!
    I was thinking golf balls... don't know where you stand there though. Like 8-10 dozen?
    Oh nice... I love that club. Would you consider a trade for the ZL driver?
    I've only hit the AMP on the simulator so no real input to give. I love the ZL Encore, never hit the ZL. Best thing to do is see for yourself.
    That should be fun too. My teacher talked to me for a half an hour last Monday about how amazing the new Yes putters were and how bummed she was that they didn't make a model with her name lol.
    Gotcha... MH has the Odyssey team coming in tomorrow for the Metal-X demo. I'll be there to see the van roll in.
    Is this a Maple Hill demo day by chance? I'll meet you there if it is and it's in the morning.
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