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  • Thanks, I have not had a chance to get out yet this year...even with all the nice weather...hope to hit the range tomorrow!
    It's been lots of fun, I'm here with the family so no golf :( but my dad and I spent thre hours today driving around looking at courses... leave on Monday for a 5-day cruise then home late sat. night
    We're in Myrtle Beach man... sorry! I saw both Morgan Cup courses, amazing! I will be home Sunday the 9th, don't know if I will be able to play or not though. One of these weekends will work!
    I honestly don't know if I would get black or satin. I like both... just definitely not chrome.
    Well that's good. I got this 2-for-1 package for like 40 courses in WM and they are unlimited use, we can hopefully use some this year.
    I played there one time last year, I heard it was in pristine condition years ago but they've slipped away now...
    Wow... TGW has them for 899 but that's a serious deal! I might have to give them a call some time.
    I can tell ya that you won't be dialing in those distances now... cold weather makes them drop quickly!
    50*? A serious golfer would play in anything above freezing.

    Play in whatever's comfortable man. let me know how ya like the j40s.
    2 over today at Maple Hill. Should I post that as my record or scratch it cause the course is like 4000 yards?
    haha I played yesterday and today, weather was great! I'm in the market for new wedges, but the Vokeys older than SM4 just don't seem to do it for me. I'm assuming they aren't the new SM4??
    If anything doesn't work for you, anything, let me give it a swing whenerer we get together and I might buy it if I like it and you no longer want it.
    Annoying to them I guess and it appears I'm gonna get virtually yelled at if it happens again...
    I talked to Blind9. The 5-pw one box. 3i one box 4i one box.
    Because the the set is 5-pw. 3-4 are single extras.
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