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    Would you take a 30% raise to go clean shaven?

    Yup. 100%
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    SWAG Putters Thread

    Yup. I’m not sure how great of a set that is either. I thought about it for a second but I’m not a huge fan of these general releases. I like the specific references from movies though - those are the only ones that have grabbed my attention so far.
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    Quantix Golf - F35 Control

    I think it’s non urethane but I’m also pretty confident in that too - the new ball that is coming next month (I think) specifically mentions a urethane cover.
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    Quantix Golf - F35 Control

    I’ll admit I’m skeptical going into this given the way a lot of the materials are written but I’ve been proven way wrong before.
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    Quantix Golf - F35 Control

    I’ll post some in hand photos when I get home later today. I didn’t want to grab any art work off the Internet.
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    Quantix Golf - F35 Control

    Something new just showed up at the Molten compound from a company I was previously unfamiliar with - Quantix Golf. I’ve done a fair bit of research into the company and it is young but has a veteran ball designer putting his name as co-signing the design - Larry Cadorniga. Admittedly, I had to...
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    A Cool Thing I Proposed For Our League

    That’sa fun way to spice things up a bit. And I don’t blame the guy for taking the cash and running - god knows I needed the cash when I was younger but these days I would put it all at the bar for the group.
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    The Golf Channel without the PGA Tour?

    Is it possible to have less than no interest? If they lost the Tour, I’d drop the golf channel entirely.
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    New Cobra KING Forged TEC Irons

    I missed this - we can talk any time after Tuesday :)
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    SWAG Putters Thread

    Fixed it for you :p
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    The Official Banter Away Thread

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    New Cobra KING Forged TEC Irons

    Well, I have recoil 95 protos sitting in old F5s you can acquire and install on those heads. Or maybe you already have some custom sweet sauce I don’t know about.
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    New Cobra KING Forged TEC Irons

    Nope. If you do it, I’ll do it.
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    How long does it take a putter to "die?"

    I’d say it’s an issue of happiness. You come home either happy and motivated to do yard work or sad and not ready to do yard work. One is better for her.

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