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  • Thanks, Uriel. I certainly hope that the wait will be over tonight, but if I'm in tonight or tomorrow I won't care. I am just so freaking nervous dude. I want this bad.
    Ha-Ha! I did kill those balls when I hit them! LOL! mcook77 (cookie) helped me film that and I looked at him after each hit and said, "I want this orange driver!" So I did the next best thing and went out and purchased the Cobra Amp, non orange. It is great! Thanks again!
    The fitting process will be a great experience. I've always pieced my fitting together. It will be interesting to see what this event holds for all of us.
    Pushing off the inside of the right foot will give you a good pass and get the right knee firing through the zone. It's also a great way of getting some loft on your shots
    Thank you brother. Team Hackers is strong from top to bottom. It will be difficult to topple the defending champs without a sound team approach. But we will do our best!
    That is great. Go work on that. hahaha. That needs to get posted in the forum somewhere lol.
    Those claims are always gonna be a part of it sadly. I think I'm over the worst of this flu thankfully
    Next few days are gonna be stressful for some guys. At least last year i was first out of the pot
    Not sure on the move date yet. Currently my wife is telecommuting between ABQ and MD. We're trying to hold off the final move until I can find work down there (as a federal employee with 25 years in, I'm trying to keep my continuation of service). At 46, not sure I can retire just yet (although I would love to).

    Yes, I play in a band up here. The guitar is a PRS Santana II.
    louisiana specifically ft polk its not far from houston prolly 2.5 hrs btu ya i have but not sure which non-PURE grip can be used like that
    i know what you mean when i move in january the wife already ok'd me putting a lil grip changing station in the lil external closet space thinking those vdr's or some lamkin's
    i have new decades midsize on all of mine and they are durable and hold up in the rain but they ar very firm and not too tacky lol and expensive as hell to do the whole set
    thats what i want all around a nice soft tacky grip but still be durable and has to be able to hold up in the rain/sweaty conditions
    haha i wonder how much i could get for the r11's only downfall is i dont have a fall back set i wouldnt mind a whole set of mb's either those are forged too right
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