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  • Hey buddy, just wanted to let you know I think this golf outting in Georgia will end up being cheaper than we thought. Check out the thread and jump in if you can.
    so....what are you doing Saturday.???....A little late notice but we might be able to get in at least 9 if not 18 somewhere.....High is supposed to be 65*...Let me know
    Just let me know....I expect a few people to chime in on the hotel vs. chalet question...
    Once that gets settled, and if the hotel is the choice, I will call them and try and set something up for the group at a lower price. Thats when you have to have that "discussion" with the wife.... ;-) ttyl
    Hey Dude,

    If you decide you can swing it, dont worry about the ride or gas....
    I can handle that....(If your open to that I mean)
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