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    How Many Of You THPers Are On Instagram

    I don’t have any form of social media but my dog has an Instagram, my wife was bored.
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    My 10 Year Story

    Congrats on 10 years, Dan. Welcome to the club. This place wouldn’t be the same without you.
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    Do you Still Listen to the Radio?

    SiriusXM or AM/FM doesn’t even really work since I switched out the factory antenna to a stubby. Truck looks better though.
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    Guns and Golf

    Yeah, circuit court agreeing with the district court made the case law apply state wide so it stopped there. The only time I’ve heard of someone getting charged with it, is as a tack on charge for an illegal gun, they have bigger issues. Could be different downstate as we are pretty 2nd...
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    Guns and Golf

    Technically, the Safe Act still reads you can have 10 round magazines and they can only be loaded with 7 rounds max. Andy’s law was never changed after losing in court. District and circuit courts have said the law is unconstitutional.
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    Guns and Golf

    10 round mags only.
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    C’s get degrees.
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    Peanut butter on a burger - ever tried it?

    It’s good on burgers, but better on hotdogs.
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    Covid Car Buying

    I'm in the process right now, 0% for 72 months...yes please. I was able to roam the lot with no salesman, picked the truck I wanted then everything was completed via text/phone. It would be harder if you needed to test drive. I'm trading in a 2016 F150 for a 2020 F150 so I was good just...
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    I was in Tajikistan in 2015 on a road trip through the Pamir mountains. There was a 7.2 earthquake one night. Luckily we were in the mountains and could just go outside but it was quite the experience.
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    My county of just 17,000 in NY now has 8 cases, 6 recovered, 0 deaths. The economic impact of my small tourist town will certainly outweigh virus impacts. It is nice not having to dodge NJ drivers going to work though.
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    Guns and Golf

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    Guns and Golf

    Yep, no issues at 3-4 o'clock. It's a Shield factory 8 round mag with a Magguts +2 spring kit.
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    Guns and Golf

    Kydex unless I'm carrying a revolver, which rarely happens. 90% of the time it's a Desantis Slim-Tuk IWB The rest of the time it's a Safariland ALS OWB.
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    Corona Virus/COVID19: Local Impact

    Next time I'm buying an ugly dog...people still have a need to come up and see him or want to talk about him on our walks.

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