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  • They're awesome. Can't imagine going through this 10 years ago as newly weds, but at this point in life, nothing could be sweeter. The sleep deprivation is out of control, but it's totally worth it. Thanks for asking.
    I would love the opportunity to do it while healthy. Last year was unbelievable, and I enjoyed every minute of it, but it was hard dealing with the pain and poor performance. I had a minor procedure last week and feel like I can play again for the first time since Myrtle. Dr wants me to ease back in so hopefully I can play again soon.
    So pumped for you buddy! You're the exact kind of person I'd love to play for in this type of event. I know you'll do an incredible job!
    Hi, curious if you have any opinions/comparisons on East Lake Woodlands Golf Course, Feather Sound, Westchase or The Eagles? Those are what I've found tooling around on the 'net. I'll be there Mon/Tue and would like to check a few out.
    Sure, I actually meant to include that but got distracted by the contractors in the house. We are looking between $250-$375 for a house. The range is large because of factors such as flood insurance, HOA fees. etc. The higher those are the lower the budget for the house.
    Well it appears a job offer may be imminent. We went down there for a weekend last month to compare St. Pete/Tampa and loved St. Pete. Now after looking at Zillow I see that St. Pete golf is pretty limited. I would like to check my options on what golf course communities would be good options and have only found Feather Sound so far. So now we are adding the surrounding areas (Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar, Largo, etc. and may the West side of Tampa like Westchase, etc.) to our list. I'd really like to live on a golf course and be able to just drive my golf cart to/from the house to the range/clubhouse/1st tee.

    Do you have any suggestions for neighborhoods/communities? We are going back down there soon to rule areas in/out and any suggestions you could make would be much appreciated.
    We just have a love of fire there. I've seen some spectacular spontaneous bonfires.
    Cool. We are hoping to finally get into a market on the upswing. If things go well and we decide to come down for a weekend to look at the area I'll get back with you to get recommendations of areas we should look at based on our wants/needs.
    Hey man, saw you are a realtor in Tampa. My wife is talking to some folks about a job there. How is the real estate market down there in general? We might be looking in the next 1-2 months.
    Next opportunity lets be sure to do that. Best wishes with your real estate business!
    Jerry (Bear4ever)
    Well, the S flex RIP turned out to give me that typical feeling I've been getting of overloading the shaft and not having much control. The X flex was damn near perfect. It added some distance, gave the feeling of loading and unloading it perfectly, and was more accurate than the S. I've found my shaft.
    I'm going to the golf shop which will definitely have the S and X models for the 910D2 that I can try. I don't know if they will have them with TM adapters though. Not really familiar with how many TP shafts they stock, but I'll bring my R9ST head anyway to try. It's gonna be a trade with another forum member (My kaili for his RIP and NV w/ sleeves). If I like the NV it's going on the RBZ if not I'll throw it in the marketplace. I'll also talk with the club fitter and see what he thinks, maybe hit the LM and see some numbers.
    It's 105 with the 80G Kai'li (Which is pretty stiff for a stiff shaft). Dropping 17 grams of weight for the RIP which would be the RIP 6 which is 66 grams in stiff compared to the 83g in my current shaft. That should add a little SS, and with a few weeks at the gym I think I can up it. if I got it right at 110 would you think that would work?
    Hey man. Which RIP shaft do you have for your R11? I might be getting the RIP Beta in X flex and I want to know if you think it would be a good fit for me at 105 SS. I love the RIP shafts but I've never hit it in X. I'll be trying it out tomorrow, just looking for some feedback from someone else with experience. Thanks!
    I've been emailing them every other day asking if you're getting your prize or not. I got your back bro.
    Did you get the prize worked out yet or are they still ignoring you?
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