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  • Well supposedly they will contact you and you will get it... be happy!
    I only did that when the Kyle Morris kid showed up and started doing the same. Up till then the first 95 or so where all real, then another 20 probably were, I'd guess 115 were real but they won't count it because of the others.
    The FreeBirdee people just said that the proze will be awarded to the person with the most points with no fake entries. Enjoy your free RBZ 3 wood... unless of course you want to give it to me :)
    Ha ha thanks dude. Your timing is a little off though it's now 10.30pm. I won't even get a single pint this paddy's day i'm work all weekend. Kinda sickening as with work i'm having to work 3 weekends to get 1 off.
    Thanks for your patience . We are currently auditing all of the entries for fake entries. There have been complaints brought to use from other users. We will notify the winners after the audit process is complete

    That's what they told me. You might end up with it...
    Not a word yet. I've posted on their FB and service page on the website, nothing.
    I know! There's no way he's not a cheat. If he had a mailing list of like 1500 people maybe... but then how does it come out at exactly 100, and why hasn't the number grown to 400 by now then?
    Let's leave it right at 104? If he goes up to 105 just to get ahead we know something is up...
    Alright that works. If we did end up going for 150 and he went over that I'd probably be out of options... except for my secret weapon that it.
    I'll try but I don't know about 150... how about we go 110 and see what he does first.
    Someone came out of nowhere and has 100 points. I'm totally suspecting a cheat. What do we do?
    7 rounds of golf? 63 holes or 124 holes (golf holes, that is)? I'm not buying it either way.
    Take your link off the page 2 dude... And I got to 94 so get yourself another point.
    Go to the bottom where it says 'Help' and hit discussions. I started one called "R11S RBZ Contest" or something like that, go post in there.
    Dude, that is a great idea. You send the m the suggestion and I will too?
    Well if I get penalized for having unverified emails, it's yours. I highly doubt everyone I sent it to verified. My friends just want to give me the point they don't care about the contest...
    So I'm not credited the point if the e-mail isn't verified? I don't think everyone I sent it to verified it and I still got points...

    And you have a deal there. No office, no secret weapon.
    Oh crap... you've got lots of points coming don't you. I've got a secret weapon though...
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