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  • I'm 5 down now. My classmates are supporting me like crazy when I told them I'd let them use it WHEN I win!
    If I get the 3-wood, I will be doing extensive head to head w/ my JPX-800 to see if it's really better, using a demo so it stays brand new. If I decided not to keep it I'd cut you a deal for it. Still gotta stay ahead though!
    Not even entering? You might win the RF... And you could give me a point. The 3 wood... I know you're just dying to let me have it! I've entered every day into the R11S contest so that would e nice to win a driver too!
    And even if you somehow take the win I still get the 6 doz. Callaway balls...
    You were leading it well before I found it actually. I took the throne!
    That will doable. I get back from Dallas on the 12th so I was taking the13th off anyway.
    Just saw your message about playing...a little late on that response. Fun round today though.
    I only came in here hoping to see a much larger version of your avatar. :bulgy-eyes:
    I'm glad I don't work there also, working crashes is not fun. My mom is Brenda Wade, she focuses mainly in the Brandon area but does a little bit everywhere.
    I work for the Sheriff's office, I was actually going to message you when I saw you were in real estate, I dabbled in it off and on for a few years. My parents are in real estate over in Hillsborough.
    Thanks for your help in the SlicerFixer Thread .... I'll be working on the things you posted there ! I'll have another video this week, should be interesting to see if I can do some of these drills, Looking forward to them ! GIDDY UP
    underr 50 will be a stretch but you may want to check out shingle creek, metro west, northshore...
    Plenty of good courses to play in the area. What type of price rsnge sre you looking for? I do not have the band width this week to play but I can sure assist with a course.
    Alright, let me would be nivce to get out with you. I also invited war eagle and of course JB will be there
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