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  • OK so I ended up finishing first w/ 338 points. Now they need to email me about the prize!
    Well, you found one you like! I played 9 with the RBZ 3-wood tues, I fell in love. I'm definitely keeping it. I enlisted a friend to sign up a bunch for me, I'm up 30 now. I think Kyle quit.
    Don't have the time to. Not a big deal, it didn't perform like the vrs 3w does, so I'd just be selling it anyway lol
    I'm under the impression that you aren't gonna make a push to get to where I am?
    Yeah, I had all legit people until around 110. Then he blew the cheat fuse and I had to... improvise myself.I mean that you have to come up with believable stuff if you decide to follow suit.
    It's time consuming, and you gotta come up with believable names, emails, and passwords. But it can be done.
    He's on there now going at it. I'm going to wait till Friday night at about an hour before the drawing, then enlist a few friends to help and nonstop sign up to win the thing. I wish we could have tied and done the drawing, but this idiot is preventing that.
    OK, I'm sorry I had to resort to cheating. I really didn't want to, but it's simply the only way to hang in with this guy. I signed up and named the guy "Kyle IsACheater" and it showed up on the list of recently signed up people, two minutes later a guy named "ThankYou Dick" popped up. Confirmation of cheating?
    Kyle Morris is a flat cheat. I'm sitting here refreshing the page every two minutes and his score jumps by 3-4 every time.
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