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    WTB: Project X 6.0

    found a set thanks close or delete the thread please
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    R1 V2 Problem

    So last week my driver started sounding funny and acting funny. On the 10th tee my driver became very muted and started hitting low short knuckle shots almost like it had top spin, took it to the range the other night and it was doing the same thing after cleaning my clubs i found that one...
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    What are you building? (Club style)

    RSI tp forged with KBS tour S+ GP NDMC as well as Cobra Amp Forged KBS Tour S just a shaft swap but still a build
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    WTB .350 taylormade rescue TP 09 adapter tip and a .335 r1/sldr TP (1.5) tip

    i know its a long shot i am looking for a .350 taylormade rescue TP 09 adapter tip and the not so long shot of a .335 r1/sldr TP (1.5) tip as well
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    Paint Fill Tools

    stripped sanded and polished custom painted the bottom of my ghost tour daytona 12
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    GolfNow win free golf for a year

    Hey guys i did not know what thread to post this in but this looks like a good one I was wondering if anyone has won this? I got an email the other day saying that i had won the possibility of winning free golf for a year, so i responded to the email with my contact information and today...
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    FS/FT Shafts

    Fujikura Motore Speeder 6.2.ts S flex R1 graphics and Tip 43 3/4 75$ weight tip flex butt flex torque tip dia par. tip butt dia bend pt spin launch 65 85 80 3.4 .335 2.5 .610 m/h L L Matrix Ozik Xcon-5 Rocketballz Graphics 5 wood...
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    taking your go to club out of the bag

    hey guys, I am playing tomorrow with out my go to club. My 5 wood i can always count on this club if my driver fails me off the tee i am trying to get over the mental fact that it is going to be out of my bag. I am currently waiting on a new shaft that was suppose to arrive today but it still...
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    What are you building? (Club style)

    just finished putting together my taylormade rocket bladez tour and tp mb with dgpro x100 with some nice white/green niion grips
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    iron shaft pondering

    to all hackers out there that are playing with TT shafts i currently have DG X100 3-pw taylormade rocketblades tour 3&4 iron and 5-pw in tp mb and i love the control of them. I have recently purchased dg pro x100 and was wondering what feed back you guys have for me if you have made this switch...
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    WTB: Taylormade R1 Open Limited ED Headcover

    like the title says i am looking for the limited edition R1 Head cover from the open or the season opener the non pom pom versions. let me know what you guys got
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    TMAG R1 and Stage 2 ClimaLite Stretch pants????

    So i was out shopping today at a discount store (Winners) and came across these bright orange pants so i took a closer look and they said R1 along the side then i looked next to them and there was a pair of black and yellow Stage2 pant i was wondering if anyone has come across these. I bought...
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    Paint Fill Tools

    well there we go first time using the testors paint i am hoping it holds up as well as the paint markers that i use to use
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    WITB: Photo Edition

    my 2013 set
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    FS: Taylormade R7 Tp Irons 3-PW

    I have Taylormade R7 TP Iron Heads 3-PW 200$ I also Have True Temper DG S300 Shafts with Golf Pride Chord Grips 50$ i can also build them in to a set and it will be 250$ willing to ship to the states but may off set the cost a little )

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