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    How would you play this shot, third edition

    I would take a 4 iron and hit a low shot under the branches or take a 6 iron and go over the tree, since the tree looks far enough to get over.
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    Mevo +

    I use my Skytrak in my backyard (outdoors) and have had no issues with it. I use it on a Fiberbuilt golf mat.
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    Write a happy story in 2 words

    Lockdown lifted!
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    Price gouging / hikes on home training stuff?

    Skytrak is also sold out until May 1, 2020. Many are buying home equipment to get them through the stay home order!
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    What course kicks your butt?

    PGA West Stadium Course!
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    Why Are Iron Covers Polarizing

    I use the Club Glove neoprene covers. I don’t get shiitt among my Fri and Sat 4some buddies, because they can’t beat me. Last thing they want to do is trash talk my iron covers, because they know I can trash talk their golf game.
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    Do You Have Room INSIDE Your House To Take Full Swings?

    Until the CA stay and at home mandate!
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    Indoor Setups: What’s Yours?

    I have almost the same set-up, but in the backyard. Just purchased a Skytrak and Fiberbuilt mat. My cage is arriving on Sunday and ordering a laptop stand. My putting green is in the top lefthand corner. If anybody is going to invest in a launch monitor, mat, and cage of some sort. Act...
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    PGA Tour: Most Underrated

    Kutcher and Charles Howell III. Consistent players who have made millions on tour, but not a ton of wins.
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    Do You Have Room INSIDE Your House To Take Full Swings?

    The golf courses and driving ranges are closed in SoCal. I bought a Skytrak, Fiberbuilt 4x5 mat, and cage, so I don’t go into withdrawals. I ask my wife if I can set-up in the living room that has cathedral ceilings (20+ ft ceilings). She said nope, so the set-up is in the backyard. I’m...
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    Allowing golf during COVID 19 - Best Practices

    The new norm even after the coronavirus ends is maybe golf courses will no longer supplying rakes for bunkers. Maybe we should start carrying our own rakes in our golf bags. Instead of the wide rake heads we can get a narrow rake head and have the shaft extend and contract like ball...
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    Who is the most fidgety on tour?

    Na was bad as well.... remember when he said to himself ”pull the trigger, come on, pull the trigger god dam it”
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    How bad does it get? (Covid-19)

    Toilet paper, just get a bidet installed and use a hand towel to dry off!
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    No Hole(s) In One - Been Playing for X Years

    Does a hole in one count, if it’s on a 18 hole par 3 course? If so, When I’m 60 and still haven’t made a hole in 1. I will play par 3 18 hole courses, until I make one.

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