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    More SkyCaddie

    I see that SkyCaddie has a new interface, called CaddieSync. am liking the favourites feature. Although the SkyCaddie now holds 20 courses, if I have more than that I want to rotate, I can just put them on my favourites list and grab them from there. also, the tabbed display makes for easier...
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    SkyCaddie Upgrades

    just finished. here's what you get: MY NEW MENU
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    Slighter putters

    has anyone seen any of the stuff Slighter produces? they're another small business custom putter builder and their products are quite nice looking. i see they have a lot of traditional styles they can make for you: or some funky ones: anyways, any feedback or experience you may have had...
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    George Lopez too ethnic?

    has anybody read David Feherty's column "Sidespin" in February's Golf Magazine? i have it here but the whole article is now online HERE . i find it interesting in light of the U.S.'s newly inaugurated president and his motto of "changes". now what else can you read into Feherty saying that...
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    Snow Place Like Home

    sigh........ i tried. worst part is the frozen balls. */waits for the innuendo*
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    refinishing chromed irons

    i'm thinking of getting a set of used irons, but they're a couple/few years old, usual nicks and scratches. does anybody know of any methods that can be used to make them look new again? has anybody re-chromed irons? any good weblinks out there you have? this is kinda like a project for me...
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    F2, face forward wedges

    ok, i doubt if anybody uses these clubs, but has anybody hit them at all? for those who don't know about them, the face of the club is moved way forward of the hosel, and they(F2) says you'll make better contract, less hosel drag in the thick stuff, blah, blah. they look like this: i'd...
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    ok, i have a question about a certain shot. as i've mentioned, i'm in the wet zone, where it rains all winter, not snows. anyways, playing the ball from a greenside bunker where the sand is "hardened" from days of precipitation. how the heck do you go about playing this shot, especially when...
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    Custom Grips

    got my latest issue of Golf Magazine yesterday, and i saw something in the gift ideas section.
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    since Gummi is a'scared...

    here's a pic of me and the Sunice vest i just picked up. always wanted to stay a bit warmer, but wanted my arms free, so here's my solution. going to give it a try tomorrow on the golf course as the weatherman says cool but clear.
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    i think this is an accessory?

    finally finished our handy dandy beeeoootiful golf storage cabinet. i started this thing over 5 weeks ago, but it sat there in the shop untouched for a few weeks too. someone,cough, made me put the afterburners on and get it done for this little shindig we're having this weekend. :eyepoke: so...
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    Getting Lessons:Man or Machine?

    which route would you recommend if you were to take your first lessons? would you go to those high tech training offices where it's geared towards video analysis etc or would you go to a teaching pro at a range? i'm sure both have their merits. as far as going to a teaching pro, my main...
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    Windows 7

    i managed to get a hold of M$'s next newest bestest operating system, code named Windows 7. it has that Vista flavour to it, but definitely different. this being an early build(beta), it comes stripped down of a lot of crap making it quite the snappy OS. i'm going to do some more testing over...
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    new tv!

    we used to have a 42" HD Plasma in our living room, but Golfgirl decided we needed a 50", honest, i am innocent, it was her! haha, so, i just hooked it up and it is nice! couple of piccies: i've seen a few friend's tv's and they were mounted professionally, but hell, why spend more money. i...
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    i noticed at the last golf course i played, in the Pro Shop they were selling cans of oxygen. it was packaged in a dispenser the size of a shaving cream can, looking almost like a jumbo sized inhaler that asthma sufferers use. my question is would this be legal, USGA-wise? anyways, i'm...

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