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    Full swing kit

    I read that TGC19 would be the primary sim option.
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    Full swing kit

    Interested. I put in for preorder but will likely cancel. Don't think it will be too big an upgrade over the FS Mevo+.
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    2021 Ogio Bag...Return of the Woodē System

    Was going to get a new bag later this year. This is the favorite in the clubhouse
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    Callaway MAVRIK Irons

    I wanted to drop this nugget I wrote in another thread for anyone interested in these irons: A buddy just got Mavrik irons to replace his Callaway Edge Costco ones. He asked me to help him get his gapping and carry numbers. We went to the range with the Mevo+. He told me his expected numbers...
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    Flightscope Mevo+ Review

    I honestly think this has been more me than the unit. The gap is closing. My last sessions with it on FS golf were late December-early January and swing speed was topping out at 93, usually low 90s. I think the Mevo+ reads club head speed a cpl mph fast, andhave topped out at 95 mph with it on...
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    Flightscope Mevo+ Review

    Some updated thoughts - * Already covered a lot of it on the post above. I think Flightscope have figured out some of the driver issues, but still have a little ways to go. If they can get estimated spin lower, I think they'll please a lot of users. The problem is that, at the speed the ball...
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    Flightscope Mevo+ Review

    Thanks my man! Hope everything is good on your end! Happy belated New Year! Hey man! Hope everything is going well! A lot of the updates have had to do with putting which honestly I haven't even tried. It seems the unit is really hit or miss there. For me, I did notice a difference in that I...
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    Flightscope Mevo Plus

    If you got the go-ahead for a gc2, that would definitely be the best move. Glad you ordered up a top system!
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    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    Got it out yesterday on the short muni. Only the back 9 was open, which is a little bit longer. I hit it off every par 4, and tried it 3 times off the turf. The biggest compliment I can give the club, after my first strike with it off the turf, a really nice penetrating draw that left me just...
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    Tour Event 2020 US Open Contest and Thread

    That shot Spieth just hit; I've got it in my arsenal
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    Review Graphite Design Tour AD HD Shaft Review

    Excellent read James! Thorough as always. Really enjoyed the detailed description of their acronyms and material used.
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    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    I hit the new to me Mavrik Max along with my dad's old 3 wood (Adams Speedline F10) and the club it's replacing, a Titleist 915 F2 16.5 degree into the net. For whatever reason, I swing my driver and fairways faster on course than into a net. I wanted to get a baseline even if they will be...
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    Tour Event 2020 US Open Contest and Thread

    Looks like Spieth is paired with Reed. Maybe the USGA wants Jordan to quit golf.
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    Callaway MAVRIK FW Woods and Hybrids

    My Mav Max 3w with Riptide 60g 5.5 just arrived and immediately took 4 swings into my backyard net. All of the claims of it being easy to elevate are absolutely true!! Hit 2 low off the face and they still managed to have some lift to them, and the two more centered strikes got up nicely. I plan...
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    Deal of the Day and Coupon Code thread has 25% off the entire order, except for Mavrik items

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