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    Stock Market & Retirement Planning

    I have a small amount of doge left, sold the ones I had from under a penny for a nice profit. Got back in at .039 and just holding now. I have been sprinkling in quite a few different ones lately but my big buy long-term is Algorand, hoping for big things with it.
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    Stock Market & Retirement Planning

    Outside of my 401k I have been playing around with some stocks and a lot with the crypto market lately.
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    New Member from Bay Area California

    Welcome to THP
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    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    True Blue and Caledonia are fantastic courses.
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    How much does noise bother you when playing?

    Not too much, I used to play with my daughter quite a bit, you get used to the random noises in your backswing.
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    New member from Eastern Iowa

    Welcome to THP!
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    The 2021 Mizuno Experience

    Full set of irons and True Blue/Caledonia... oh boy!
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    The 2021 Morgan Cup with Cobra PUMA Golf: Want To Be A Tour Player

    Hoping my name can fill one of those spots this year!
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    Congrats: You Are Headed to Vegas

    Congrats guys, shaft up is a blast!
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    Favorite THP course and Non THP Course

    THP- Aviara Non- Scioto country club
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    Stock Market & Retirement Planning

    I've been in Cresco Labs for a while now
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    Giveaway - Tour Edge E521 3 Iron Wood

    Have never hit Tour Edge, would love to try it out

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