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    CONTEST Paradise Week Day 5: Cleveland Frontline Putter

    Great giveaway today! I have never owned a new putter from a top oem and could really use the boost to my game. Putting has held me back this summer.
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    CONTEST Paradise Week: Day 2: Mizuno ST190 Fairway Wood

    I've got a Mizuno driver. Never tried a fw wood.
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    CONTEST Paradise Week: Day 1: TaylorMade Spider Mini Putter

    1) Well, my mother in law "borrowed my old Spider Vicino" a few years ago and I dont think it's coming back. And as I'm expecting my first kid this winter I'd like to finish this year strong, which my 35 ppr is not going to allow me to do. 2) idk if a new feature or not, but love the in line...
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    Wolf Creek Mesquite round replay plus review

    So I was limited to only 1 round during my Vegas vacation due to weather/time restraints. But wow what a round. I've not played a bunch of nice courses (live in rural Canada) but compared to Highland Links, Muskoka Bay, Glen Abbey, and Kapalua Plantation just wow. Take away the constant view of...
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    Oiler3535 witb

    Meant to take better pics outsidez but forgot until cleaning my clubs today after the courses here closed for winter. SS about 105 with driver (LM at box store measures ball speed at contact only, which is consistently 145-148. They have it set to 1.45 smash factor which seems unreasonably high...
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    TaylorMade M3 Irons

    So I managed to play about 70 rounds this year. Most of them with these new M3 irons. Can't be any happier. I still say it's hard to make the ball move compared to other irons I've had. I normally hit a draw and still do a bit, but If I need to hit a fade or hook I'm SOL. Rarely matters, but...
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    Las Vegas

    So my wife has decided that she doesn't want to go to Maui this March Break. So going to most likely do Vegas (some thoughts to Miami or SoCal but very unlikely). Any recommendations on courses near town to play? Doing a quick skim through other posts seems like Reflection Bay a good choice...
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    Davenport Florida area courses

    Hi all. My wife’s parents just spent a week in Davenport. They got home and say they would like the entire family to join them next year. Now while a place nowhere near an ocean to snorkel in is not my idea of a winter break vacation, a day or 2 at an Orlando park and lots of golf seems a pretty...
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    Driver question

    Weird one. I’ve been gaming my Covert Tour 2.0 with X shaft since it came out. It’s the only club I’ve ever bought full priced; i saved up for 3 years. Well, I’ve saved up again. And want a new one. But for the past 2 years I’ve tried every driver available on the GC2 at Golftown stores...
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    Las Vegas in March

    Thinking about March Break trips this year. Maui is still the front runner, but strongly considering Vegas bc we enjoy doing new places. And Vegas means I can golf more than once (from now on will always play Plantation Course when there). My main question is about bang for buck courses. I enjoy...
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    Tennessee travel tips?

    Hi all! Short version below. So a full solar eclipse is occurring August 21st and I'm visiting my dad near Niagara Falls the weekend before. I jokingly asked him if he wanted to go to Nashville to see it (the path of totality peaks near enough to there) and he got all excited. So now I might...
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    Exciting! Won Taylormade Giveaway!

    So I heard from one of our national golf shows today (Golf Talk Canada on TSN), and they said I've won one of their 20 Weeks of Taylormade giveaways! Very excited as I rarely get picked for anything (the nice person who gave me my Albatross membership this year notwithstanding obviously). The...
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    Outdoor pump to prevent flooding garage?

    Hi all, looking for a pro or experienced house owner's help. We had our house inspection and besides a few small things the main issue was basement flooding. With where it is, the driveway (and yard) slopes down to the garage door. Regrading isn't possible. If too much water comes it goes into...
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    Changing iron lofts

    So I got new irons and felt they were significantly shorter than my old GI irons. Last fall I really focused and used my gps to measure. My 7i and 8i are both about 6 yards shorter, with the PW about 3 and the 9i in between. If I was getting a whole new set I wouldn't care, but I had my distance...

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