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  • Hey Bill,

    I absolutely love my limited, I went from an R7, to a Burner, to the Limited. The only reason why I tried the Limited is because a friend of mine dented my Burner....I was devastated but glad it happened because I am very pleased with the Limited, I just dont know if it is AS forgiving as the Burner. Feel free to ask me any other questions.
    Gray Georgia which is east of Macon. Hope to play tomorrow but the weather looks like rain or snow. Maybe snow up in your neck of the woods?
    Sounds good. What part of GA are you in? For some reason I recall you being down in the Savannah area.
    After he cleans them with soap and water. He rubs NuFinish on them. He lets it dry just like waxing a car, them wipes it off. It removes fine scratches and other marks.
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