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    Would ya do it?

    If your wife was good enough to hang with the boys would you bring her to the game? We have a Tuesday senior blitz and I'm wondering if you were retired and your wife had game, would you think the guys would mind if she joined the group?
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    If you changed your forum name?

    Say you decided to change your forum name. Do you think the members could recognize you by the manner in which you post? There are a few who I could spot instantly and then some who I would never guess who was posting a particular comment.
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    Quote of the Day

    "What other people think of me is none of my buisness". Nick Cannon host of America's Got Talent I like this one !
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    Shoes for toe room

    What are the best shoes you have ever found that give your toes some room to relax? I always look for the wide soles but even then some don't give my toes that welcomed stretching out relief.
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    Attending THP Events

    There are some folks who have the capability to attend seemly unlimited numbers of events. If you're not in this fortunate group, then what's ya problem? How can you go about fixing this problem? I know for me it's about funds going out in the wrong direction such as making my doctor's...
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    What age is old in golf?

    With Tiger approaching the 40 year mark and many THP'ers doing the same, at what age would you consider old in terms of golfing age? I play every week with a little old man who is 75 years old and weighs about 145 soaking wet, plays the same tees as I do and hits it further. The old dude shoots...
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    True friends, how do ya know?

    We all have come across people in our lives who have come and gone. Some folks strike a cord in our hearts that will never be forgot and they become family. We all know family doesn't have to be blood relatives, because we have met people who stay in our hearts forever, who are not born in our...
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    Woodshed Overhaul

    Many people may not know this, however we have a real woodshed :deadhorse:behind our home. It is currently going through a face lift and will be exposed to public view in the near future. Stay tuned as this national treasure of fine architecture will be exposed soon in all its glory. For you...
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    Drug Opinions

    This could easily be called the old fogy lobby. :D Drugs: success or failures I was prescribed an anti - inflammatory yesterday called celebrex. Has anyone used this med and if so what is your personal opinion? I was prescribed one 200 mg daily with food. I'm hoping it will help keep my...
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    Why Tiger?

    Honest question and one that I have always been curious of. What draws you to Tiger Woods? In general conversation with guys my age, which is 60+, I have never found a fan of Woods. Not sure why but that is why I ask you, what is the draw? My stepson is a huge Tiger fan. Plenty of young...
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    V and how it affectys your grip

    I think it was Hogan in his book that suggested the V's between your thumb & fore finger should point toward your right or is it left shoulder? I had a guy tell me his right hand V points towards his right shoulder and left hand V points to left shoulder. It helps him control the club face...
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    4 Wood

    Do you bag one and if so, what is your favorite and why? I've been contemplating a wood in the 16 degree/loft range.
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    High launch shafts for Hybrids

    What is a good high launch shaft for a hybrid. I recently purchased an older model 15 degree hybrid and will be looking to replace the old stiff bubble shaft with a good higher launching shaft.
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    Good bye folks I'm gone

    If you had to leave and live some where with no internet access, how do you think you were perceived while on the forum? What would you do different and would you interact in a different way? I know some folks like me, some probably would be happy to see me go, and some wouldn't care either...
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    How many THP competitions or outings for you?

    For me it shakes out like this: One major - The King Six outings/demo/Invitationals - Florida (3), Atlanta (2) South Carolina (1) Total = 7 I have been to several of the local Get Togethers/Getherings however we're not going to count those. Just the big THP events. Note: The majors are any...

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